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Zite is one of the most famous news reading service for iPad. A few months ago when I did a full review of Zite, I quickly understood how they are different from a pool of news aggregation application. Today they announced a smart alternative for everyone looking to get out of the Google Reader ecosystem. Last week when Google declared that they are stopping their reader service many app developers were hit by a thunderbolt right on their face. Their entire work and infrastructure depended on Google. How can the biggest internet company do this? Well, now that they have no choice all of them are working 24-7 to create smart alternatives.

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Zite was one of the first announcing the solution in an official blog post. If you are a regular user of their app then you already know the fact that you can create a section just to read the latest news from Google Reader. In this new method the engineers at Zite created a smart algorithm where they will track the various sites you are following and add those content directly on your front page or sections so that you never miss an important story. I personally thing this is a brilliant move but need to test it for myself to be sure of their accuracy. Below is a snippet from their announcement where they illustrate the process for all their active users.

– Google Reader has always been part of Zite – users have always had the option of adding their Google Reader account to tell our personalization algorithms which sources they prefer and what types of stories they like to read.
– Zite ingests millions of articles each day from hundreds of thousands of sources.
– Zite has deep personalization technology that can analyze user reading habits and pick the best stories from their Google Reader instead of getting inundated with hundreds of articles.

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Last week Feedly announced that they installed brand new servers to keep up with the pressure of hundreds of thousands migrating users. Feedly is another RSS reader service that works pretty much the same way. I really feel sorry for all your app developers out there. If you are reading the post then I definitely want to know what you guys are planning to do for the future. Please post your thoughts in the comment section below so that we all can understand where the world of RSS is leading us and how an iPad user can adapt to these changes.

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