Review: ZaggKeys Proplus Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

Zagg recently launched a brand new Bluetooth wireless keyboard accessory for all 9.7Inch versions of the iPad. The new ZaggKeys Proplus Case is truly one of the premium quality keyboard extensions you will currently find in the market. As a matter of fact the design is so well built that someone might think you are using a Macbook Air when viewed from a distance. In this review we are going to take a brief look at some of the special features of the keyboard cover and try to rate this iPad accessory on a sale of 10 points.


Like I said, the durable aluminum keyboard is nothing short of a well-built high quality premium product. From the moment you unwrap the package and feel the keyboard for yourself you will understand the kind of quality I am talking about. The rounded edges are very smooth and the entire keyboard section gets ample space for comfortable typing. The keys themselves are black in color with support for various backlit LED lights that looks gorgeous both in dark and medium lightened rooms. I will explain more about the ZaggKeys Proplus Keyboard in the next section below.

Zaggkeys Proplus Top View

There is a firm hinge with a slide section allowing you to push the iPad flat onto the cover. The hinge ensures that your iPad stays put to the accessory using some strong magnets. The magnets are so strong that your iPad will not fall off even when you hold the entire thing inverted. The hinge can be used for both portrait and landscape mode. When you are done with your work, simply invert your iPad over the case and it will lock itself ensuring that you have a safe cover for the entire device. Since the Proplus keyboard case weighs around 434 grams it might be a little heavier especially if you are running an iPad 3. However, considering the fact that you will only use the keyboard on a desk or on your lap, this is not a big issue.

The ProPlus Keyboard

This is truly the best tactile keyboard that I have ever seen on any tablet accessory. As mentioned before, from a distance the whole thing (with the iPad) looks like a Macbook Air. The keys are well spaced ensuring that you can type easily with no compromises. Having said that, I still had a problem in getting adjusted to the backspace and the some other letters like L, K, P, and O etc. Once you have used the keyboard for a few hours your hand will automatically start to understand where to hover next and typing is a real joy on the new Proplus.


Zaggkeys Proplus Backlit Keyboard

The spacebar comes with a big dent of the Zagg logo which I think is really cool. As expected the function keys are filled with features that let you adjust volume, brightness and other useful functions on your iPad directly using the Bluetooth 3.0 connection. As far as performance goes, there is no lag whatsoever; the keystrokes are represented instantly on whichever app you are using. Just beside the spacebar you will find a dedicated key that turns the backlight feature on and it really looks beautiful. Zagg went another step further by adding not just one but several colors to the LED light which you can select according to your liking. There is also a dedicated battery button on the bottom left corner which allows you to see the battery status. Green indicates that you have plenty to spare while orange and red are progressive symbols of depleting battery. The ProPlus Keyboard for any normal user can last for 2 weeks with just a single charge.

The ProPlus Casing

The entire casing comes with a brand new slider hinge design. When you are done using your iPad simply push the device towards the top of the case and it will automatically lie down and cling itself to the aluminum body. The edges fit perfectly for all the version of the iPad and the grip is solid. The case also comes with four rubberized areas on the corners that are intended to provide you with better grip. Seriously, the casing is beautifully crafted that will last for a long time.



ZaggKeys ProPlus is the first backlit driven Bluetooth keyboard accessory for the iPad. This device is for someone who is simply looking for the best protection and external tying experience on their iPad. As you would expect the case comes at a price of 87 euros and competes with other similar products like the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I personally think that this is the best in its class till date and once you invest your money on the Proplus you will enjoy a very satisfying experience.

Score – (9.2/10)

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