Apple starts preparing for WWDC 2013, Moscone Center Decorations underway

It’s less than a week left for Apple’s much anticipated WWDC 2013 event and looks like Moscone Center in San Francisco is starting to get its makeover for the gala event.  With rumors surrounding a new iPad, brand new iOS 7 and other updates to the Mac lineup, Apple is all set to rock the stage at the opening day keynote on June 10th.

This year the tech giant also launched a brand new WWDC app that will help developers and other attendees keep up with hundreds of sessions, hands on labs and other mini-events inside Moscone Center. Take a look at these pictures of the dress-up and let us know about your expectations from WWDC 2013.

WWDC 2013 Moscone Center Decoration

WWDC 2013 Decorations 1

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