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Wave Trip iOS App IconWave Trip is an interesting game that lets you create your own music depending on the way to complete each and every level. Whenever we talk about music creation we instantly start thinking about drums, synth and other musical instruments. What separates Wave Trip from others is the fact that you don’t need to play anything to create your own music. All you need to do is steer a weird looking creature using some basic controls and finish every level. If you are getting confused about the relation between two totally separate genres of iPad apps then read our review where we will share how Wave Trip tried to fuse gaming and music creation into one single unique concept.


As you as you start the first level you will be a bit surprised to hear no background music while you are steering a weird looking triangular creature. There is a quick short tutorial of the basic gameplay elements nested within the first level itself. We thought that the tutorial is a bit too fast and some you might not be able to read and understand what’s going on at the very first glimpse. However, the instructions always appear in case you wanna replay the level. Your mission is to grab different objects and make your unique music pattern. Each object that you collect has a specific tune or beat attached to it. Once you start a steak this pattern is repeated making it sounds more like a rhythm melody. Every stage is occupied by some blue objects which give you a bonus score and helps increase the combo count.

wave trip gameplay

The way you steer your creature is really simply where you have a dedicated button that thrusts it upwards. Since there is no special button for moving your creature down, you need to anticipate the upward thrust and move him in the line of the objects and collect as many sounds as possible. Hovering through each and every stage is not so easy where you will encounter different obstacles that can end your combo run and remove particular sounds from your ongoing rhythmic track. Although the first few levels are easy to score but the difficulty increases rapidly and poses a challenge for you to stay focused and maintain your rhythm. One cool thing about Wave Trip is that no matter how bad you play a level you will always enjoy creating your own music and the fact that your course of action can create or change the current the beat altogether.

The Social Aspect

Apart from the standard levels you also have a creation mode that lets you create your very own customized levels on Wave Trip. Just select from a list of music icons and add them in any random combinations. You can also add obstacles and other purple squids to block the pathway and make your challenge more interesting. Once your stage is ready you can share it with others via GameCenter. As a matter of fact when you select the “Explore” option in your main menu you can play various custom levels that are created by different users across the world. This ecosystem ensures that you are never bored with the same old level and each day there is something new.


Wave Trip is simplistic looking with orthodox geometrical approach to every element of the game. The graphics is kind of flat but matches well with the overall theme and approach. You will enjoy the bright contrasting colors of various elements within the game. The Physics engine is all right but nothing extraordinary.


Wave Trip is really nice and relaxing that cultivates upon a new type of gaming genre. You will feel overjoyed every time you collect objects that results in the creation of some great musical beats. The creation mode allows you to be extra creative and create your own customized levels that can be played by others. The levels offer a lot of variety although the score system might not be the best pitch for replaying them over and over again. If you love creating music and want to groove at your own tunes then try Wave Trip on your iPad. The game might just delight you and kill some boredom.

Wrap Up

[Download Wave Trip for iPad]

Score – (7.5/10)

Price – $1.99

Developer – Lucky Frame Studios

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