Untethered Dream Jailbreak for iOS 6 is a Fake promotion

A few months back when Apple released their brand new iOS 6 mobile operating system I thought to myself that we are just days away from an untethered jailbreak just like the previous releases. While Redsnow and Absinthe are working hard to come up with an untethered version of iOS 6.0.1 the reality is that right now no one seems to figure out how to crack the advanced architecture of Apple’s newer processors like the A5, A5X and A6. In such a scenario a new company called Dream Jailbreak updated their homepage claiming that they have managed to make an untethered iOS 6.0.1 JB. The news spread like a wildfire on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Unfortunately, this is a completely fake story and the YouTube video linking to their account is just another Rick Roll.As a matter of fact when you go to their site you are going to be greeted by advertisements and sales pitches of sensual medicines.

dream Jailbreak fake

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Why the iOS 6 Untethered Joke?

It is believed that the entire hoax was created by a group of well-known hackers in order to raise hopes of millions of iOS customers. They just wanted to have some fun but left a lot of people utterly disappointed.

When will the real Jailbreak Come out?

If you follow my blog then you must know that I covered a detailed tutorial of upgrading your device from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6. But this method lets you have a tethered jailbreak which means that once you shut down or restart your device you will lose your JB and Cydia apps won’t run anymore.

What’s the jailbreak future for iOS 6?

See, I am not a hacker; I am just an iPad blogger. One thing which I understood in the last couple of months is that Apple’s OS is integrated deeply with their core processor architecture. This means if you wanna crack their OS you need to tweak their processors. So, you can expect a jailbreak for older apple products but the new iPad Mini, 4th and 3rd generation iPad and iPhone 5 still needs a lot of research and experimentation before you can use Cydia Apps even with boots and restarts.
The original YouTube video that rick rolled users is now banned by YouTube due to copyright infringements. So, tell us in the comments section below, were you fooled by this global hoax? I surely had some hopes but was disappointed. The wait for an untethered jailbreak is still on.

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