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Review of: Trello iPad
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Rahul Ghosh

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On March 20, 2013
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Trello for iPad is a simple easy to use task management app that provides users with lots of options and flexibility to customize their boards.

Trello iOS App iconTrello is one of the most popular task management web applications that recently made their grand debut on the iPad. The app itself is an accurate representation of what you are used to on your desktop or laptop. If you are completely new to Trello then you must read this review in order to understand why this task manager is a bit different from the rest of the pack.

Trello Interface

There are three main pillars that form the backbone of Trello’s system. Once you create a new account you can add a brand new organization or simply type in “home” if you are using for your personal use. Next, you have boards that can be added to your organization. You can add as many boards you want depending your requirements. For example, I run this iPad blog and I have a board for managing blog posts, website updates, business meetings and many more. The endless list of tasks can be assigned to their specific board making it easier to skim through each one of them and stay organized 24-7. Finally, all your work is managed through different cards. Think of cards as a small folder representing each of your work.

Trello Layout for iPad

The entire process above might sound a bit complicated but it’s so easy to use that you will learn within the first few minutes. The iPad app feels really polished and in most cases provides a better experience than their web apps. Each card has multiple options embedded inside them and its all upto you on how you want to use them. The boards feel a lot like Pinterest where you will occasionally have a wide variety of tasks, you can add a checklist to each card, add tags, assign the job to someone in the organization etc. Another cool feature is the ability to upload files right from your iPad and add it to a card. Email invites to multiple employees can be sent with the tap of a button.

Ease of Use

The fact that you won’t be presented with any introductory tutorial is a little disappointing. Thanks to Trello’s simple layout everything just makes sense at the right time. All the options are right at your fingertips exactly where you want them to be. For those power users with hundreds of tasks, Trello provides you with their own inbuilt notification system to keep you on track. All your changes are synced to the unified account which means that you can start right where you left on other devices as well. In case you do not have any internet connect the app works brilliantly in offline mode. One thing that I would have liked is an image snapshot of my boards instead of the same blue picture on each and every one of them. Last but not the least you can archive full boards; notes etc. and store them permanently for later reference.

Trello Card Features


Trello for iPad is another good reason to use the task manger on a daily basis. Once you get the hang of it, you will keep using it more often. The app is completely free and I highly recommend that you give this a try especially if you are looking for non-complicated task management system.


  • Extremely Simple Interface
  • Innovative Card Based Task System
  • Works in Offline Mode


  • No support for photo upload via DropBox
  • Cannot customize board images

Wrap Up

[Download Trello for iPad]

Score – (8/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Fog Creek Software, Inc

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  1. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for reviewing our app! Glad you liked it overall.

    One small thing – after you open a board the first time, the thumbnail will accurately represent the structure of that board.

    All the best,

    The Trello Team

    • rahul247rocks says:

      ohh I see.. thanks for notifying me of that… Trello for iPad is really simple and effective. I hope that with the next update you guys can include DropBox integration for photos.

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