Top 5 Super Hot Girls iPad Retina Wallpapers

It’s certainly a waste of time and screen space if you don’t take advantage of the retina display of your iPad to spice it up with pictures of hot chicks. In the past we have listed several wallpaper collections for your iPad but this one is special since this set will definitely set a higher flow of dopamine in your brain. In case you are new to our site please click on the image to download the actual 2048-2048 pixel retina resolution picture of your favorite hot girl.

Scarlet Johansson White

Scarlet Johansson White wallpaper

Elisandra Tomacheski Supermodel

Elisandra-Tomacheski-Supermodel Wallpaper

Kate Upton Hottie

Kate Upton Hot Retina Wallpaper


Red Lips Babe

Red Lips Babe

Curvy Rain Babe

Curvy Rain Babe Retina Wallpaper


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  1. patrick bernius says:

    I think that the second, third, and fifth girls are the hottest. I would deffenetly have sex with each on in a heart beat. And there tits are amazing.

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