Top 5 Note Taking Apps for the iPad (2012)

The iPad is considered as a revolutionary new device in the business and educational industry. With so many people using the iPad on their daily work schedule and students replacing the traditional notebook with the iPad for taking down important points in their studies, this device is clearly the future replacement for the paper driven diaries or reminder charts. If you’re one of those who is already using the iPad then today I’m going to list you the top five note taking applications in 2012 that you must use. While some of these applications are free others require you to pay some money but they’re well worth the cost because of the extra features that they provide.

1. Penultimate

As far as I can remember Penultimate was one of the first notetaking productivity apps for the Apple App Store. With a series of updates and improvements this is the best selling app in this category and covers all your note taking needs on your iPad. You can create Your own notebook and use the default text editor or the pen tools to create anything you want.
Although this ap comes at a price of only 99cents, there are some amazing in app purchases that will take your note taking experience to a whole new level. These purchases include several paper modules like games, tasks, photo albums etc. which can be used for easy to use predefined note taking experience. Every notebook that you create can be synced with Dropbox or Evernote. Penultimate’s latest version updated their application with full retina display support.

Penultimate Note Taking Application for iPad

2. Notability

Notability is yet another productive note taking apps that comes with a well polished and easy to use interface. At first you will be shown certain basic tutorials to get yourself familiar with their interface. Next, you can create different journals and categorize them in your main notebook area. Each journal can have large collection of notes. One of the best feature in this app is that you can soon into a paper and use your pen tool for drawing accurate illustrations. The default text font really looks crisp and sharp on the retina display.

Notability app design

Apart from the pen tool there are a bunch of other tools which can be used for highlighting, copy pasting images etc. All your notes can be synced via Dropbox in either PDF or RTF format. This application is feature heavy and will definitely take care of all your note taking needs. The app costs only 99 cents.

3. Paper by FiftyThree

Class, elegance and simplicity, these are the three random words that come to my mind whenever someone asks me about Paper by FiftyThree. The way this app is designed will delight your eyes with each and every animation, transitions and their one of a kind interface. The home screen shows you several notebooks that can be flicked with your finger. Touch on any one of them and you will see a gorgeous interface of all your notes, drawings etc. Flicking between the notes feels a lot like cover flow and the animations are just butter smooth. Paper is not great for note taking but can also be used for drawing and rough sketching.

 Paper-FiftyThree Brushes for Ipad

Although the app is completely free to download but you need to buy the different types of brushes that costs money. In total there are 5 brush which comes at a bundle price of 6.99 Usd. If you are absolutely sure about using this app specifically for note taking then you can simply buy the additional writing brush for 1.99 Usd. The big white canvas may look simple but there is a whole lot of technology working behind the scenes. This is one application that actually delivers ink flow according to the pressure of your hand or stylus. One drawback with Paper is that there is not a wide variety of colors to choose from. All your notes can be accessed in a super easy to use interface, edited in real time, saved to iCloud or Dropbox as images. This is certainly the most creative note taking app ever.

4. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the easiest and fastest note taking apps, making it a premium contender in our top 5 list. Sometimes I feel that the Simplenote interface is so simple that the app might not be attractive or engaging in terms of design aesthetics. However, if your sole motive is to jot down important things from your day to day life then this app performs brilliantly without any hiccups.

All your notes are categorized in tags which are itself generated by the users. You can browse through all your tags on the right hand navigation areas. Upon selecting a tag you can see all the notes that are listed or associated with it. Writing notes is pretty simple and straight forward. You can write plain text, arrange them in formats etc. one thing which you cannot do is add images. Also, there are no sketching or drawing functionalities as well. There are two versions of Simplenote where the free version shows advertisements on the right side bar. However, if you are willing to spend some cash then the pro version ($ 19.99) will not only be ad-free but comes packed with Dropbox and iCloud. The pro version also allows you to sync all your notes using the SimpleNote website application.

5. Evernote

This is definitely the most used notation apps across all mobile platforms. When Evernote was launched the reason it became so successful was because of its clean and clear formatting functions and seamless integration across all your devices. Like Simplenote you can also tag all your notes and search for all sub tags within. Recently Evernote also updated their application with tap to edit feature that making note taking even faster. Syncing with Evernote across all your devices happens automatically and you also use Dropbox. I will recommend Evernote to anyone having multiple devices and using different operating systems across all of them.


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