Top 5 iPad Education Apps for Students

The iPad is turning out to be a key tool in the education sector. Over the last couple of years we have seen a lot of companies developing education related apps for students and teachers which in turn is acting as a driving force in revolutionizing education for the future generation. Apple themselves introduced iBooks Author and made several deals with top publishers ensuring that you can get your entire academic textbook in digital format. The advantage of using iBooks is that you can highlight a particular area and store different notes for your last minute revision right before the exams. Today we would like to share some of the best apps for education along with direct download links and price.

Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Vocabulary is a key element for developing your communication skills. While we used a big fat bulky dictionary during our student life, Wordflex took up a brave attempt in changing the way you search for words. All you need to do is enter a word name and you are presented with a branch based diagram of the word. You not only get its meaning but can also refer to synonyms, antonyms, pronoun, verbs, usage etc. Once you tap a subsequent word the braches keep expanding till you have a really complicated diagram that explains all possible ways your word can be used in English language. The app also comes with an in-built pronunciation system that lets you hear and learn how to utter it correctly. If you are a teacher then you would be happy to know that Wordflex for iPad allows you to share a picture of these complex branch diagrams so that you can spend a lot of time explaining how each variation is derived. This is by far the best iPad dictionary ever.
WordFlex Dictionary Interface for iPad
Price – $11.99


Class+ allows you to manage various courses and share updates about a particular class with your classmates. Although this iPad app is not perfect, it gives you a sneak peek into the potential of a digital course management application. You can add multiple courses and even compare your grades that are generated as a graphical chart. Other feature includes taking notes, alerting your friends for any changes or urgent homework etc. The app is designed in such a simple and intuitive way that even teachers themselves can use it to manage their own day to day schedule.
Class+ Interface
Price –  $1.99

My Script Calculator

There can be a full blown debate whether this app is either helping students or making them more reluctant to learn mathematics the hard way. My Script calculator makes it super easy to get answers for complex problems including trigonometry. You can write with your own hand and get results in the blink of an eye. As far as complexity goes please refer to the image below. This app is one of those which a student should definitely have in his/her arsenal.
Complex Equation in MyScript Calculator
Price – Free


Instead of noting important points for a long lecture what if you could record the entire lecture itself and reference it later to create your important notes. Aduioboo allows you to record and store audio files on your iPad. You can even share them on Facebook with all your friends. Although the app is free but I suggest you get the premium version upgrade since the free version only allows you to record up to 3 minutes.
Price – Free (required premium upgrade to record more than 3 minutes)


If you are taking up Chemistry then you got to have this iPad app on your device. ChemCalc is relatively new to the app store compared to the rest and it allows you to do all sorts of calculations related to Chemistry. You can find the molecular weight, molecular mass etc. just by typing and creating the formulas you can find out instant results. Each element also comes with its own elemental card that allows you to view different statistics for that particular element. I really wished I had this a few years back when I was taking up chemistry in my school.
Isotopic Calculations using Chemcalc
Price – $0.99


The iPad app developers are constantly innovating and discovering new ways of empowring knowledge and education among consumers. Apart from these great apps, there are a number of interactive books that are redefining the way we read. We believe that these small steps might just be the stepping stones for the future of our education. If you think that there are other great apps that should have been included in our list then please share them in the comments section below.
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