Top 5 iPad Apps for Valentine’s Day 2013

As we all know February 14th is just round the corner and most of you are busy preparing that special something for Valentine’s Day. Apple themselves started showcasing a brand new section for Valentines on the App Store for the last couple of days. If you are looking to spend a nerdy evening with your love or if you are confused about that perfect restaurant and whether there are reservations left, these iPad apps will definitely help you have a successful Feb 14th 2013.

Valentine's Day App Store Lisiting


Fingle iOS App IconFingle is one of the best apps for playing together with your loved ones. The basic concept is pretty simple where you need to drag and drop the associated shapes to different parts of the screen as directed. You need to switch off multi-tasking gestures in order to experience full 10 finger support. Fingle is a lot of fun especially when you need to coordinate and tangle both of your hands to complete a level. The app comes with 130 levels ensuring that there are plenty of variety and long hour actions on D-Day.

Price – $1.99

Braindex Valentine’s Week Special

Braindex iOS App IconBraindex has revolutionized how we play trivia games on our iPad. This is surely one of the most engaging quiz games out there. The fact that you are playing against real life celebs and other public figures makes everything so interesting. You can check out our review of Braindex to know all its features and stuff. The reason why we are recommending this game is because they just launched a special campaign of launching a brand new episode every single weekday till Valentine’s Day. You can either stack all the episodes or play with your girlfriend on 14th or you both can enjoy a spree of trivia for the next couple of days.

Price – Free

ScrapPad – Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking

Scrappad Valentine iOS App IconIf you are looking to create a photo memoranda and gift the frame to your beloved then ScrapPad should be the easiest way to achieve it. The easy to use interface allows you to add photos directly from your albums and enables you to edit them. Do not expect a full-fledged Photoshop like editing but you can do the basic stuff including adding custom backgrounds, borders, etc. There are tons of sample objects that you can also add into your frame and once your creation is ready simply tap a button to order the real life printed books. All your creations are divided into several books. Although the basic app is free, there is a pro version which comes as an in-app purchase. The real life photo books are handled by Printzel.

Price – Free

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight iOS App IconDon’t be shy now. If you are looking to spend the night outside and none of your friends are sparing a single room then this app will act as your savior. Hotel Tonight lets you find last minute deals from a wide range of hotels across Europe and North America. Some of these deals are so lucrative that you must be wondering why others are booking rooms well in advance at much higher rates. Anyways, the app is also available for your iPhone in case you decided not to wander outside with an iPad.

Tom’s Love Letters

Tom's Love Letters iOS App IconDeveloped by Outfit 7 studios, Tom’s Love Letters introduces a female cat that Tom loves dearly. If you have played their original Talking Tom game then this app will look a lot similar. Apart from mimicking your voice in their own style you can do lots of romantic virtual gestures. Angela and Tom can be kissed with the tap of a button. You can also take screenshots of beautiful postcards and share them via social networks. Overall this free app will ensure that you get back in romantic mood almost immediately.

Price – Free

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