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The New iPad AnnouncementThe new iPad was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook on March 7th2012. Initially the pre orders suggested that the new iPad would be available on March 16th but was later shifted to March 19th due to some internal logistics problem. White the entire world waited for the launch of this product Apple once again proved why they are the most ambitious tech company on Earth. The new iPad comes packed with a bunch of essential upgrades to stay further ahead of the tech tablet race. Below are the 5 most promising new features that the Apple tablet has to offer.

Retina Display

There were so many rumors regarding the new and improved retina display of the iPad that I almost lost all enthusiasm when they actually announced it during the march 7th keynote. Nevertheless, I feel that one of the primary reasons that separates the new iPad from all their competitors is their super clear retina display which boosts a resolution of 2048 – 1536 at 264 pixels per inch. If you visit the official retina apple pageyou will find some interactive areas where you can clearly understand the improved clarity of this new display. The text will look a lot crisper and real like than anything you have ever seen.

the new ipad Retina Display comparison

Apple themselves are emphasizing their new iPad primarily on this display and even calling it “The resolutionary new device”. App developers now have a whole new level of detail that they can work with while they are making apps for the new iPad.

A5X Processor

One of the biggest misconceptions that I would like to clear out is the fact that A5X is a dual core processor. Most of you might be living with the hope thinking that the new A5X is quad core and all but in reality it’s not. The thing which Apple said during their keynote is that A5X comes packed with Quad Core Graphics. This means that the new iPad has twice the graphics power than the older iPad 2. During the keynote event we all saw Mike from Epic Games demoing their new Infinity Blade Dungeons on the new iPad. I must say for a moment I felt that the game was running on an enlarged PS Vita or something. App Developers, especially game developers are going to love the new horsepower and juice provided by the 3rd Generation iPad and games will improve and look a hell lot better than it used to be.


Another major upgrade that comes with the new iPad is the support for 4G LTE. Of course you must pay some extra money to get the 4G enabled version of the device but we all have seen how fast 4G technology can be. Theoretically 4G can transmit bandwidth upto 72 Mbps. As of now there is no sign of 4G in India but if you are someone from USA then you can buy 4G LTE Data packs from Verizon or AT&T. Currently the new iPad supports more bands than any other tablet in the market.

the new ipad 4G speedtest

iSight 5 MegaPixel Camera

The new iPad also comes packed with a brand new 5 Megapixel iSight Camera that allows users to take sharp crisp photos and also record videos at full 1080p. One of the reasons why the iSight camera shoots brilliant photographs is the fact that it has 5 lenses inside which allows for more light intake. As a result of all these complex technologies the new camera produces sharp and crisp images that can be compares to that of a digital camera. The video recording is done at 30 Frames per second and looks brilliant on a larger screen.  It’s a shame that the front camera is still VGA and you cannot make HD Facetime calls with it as you would with your iMac or Macbook Pro.

The New iPad Camera Test

Dictation for iPad

dictation for ipad3We all expected Siri for iPad, didn’t we? Although Apple disappointed many of us but the disappointment was not that bitter because of the fact that Apple added something called dictation. It’s basically a Voice Detection and Voice Reading Software that allows you to type using your voice. I am personally not excited about it but it will be useful to a lot of lazy guys who wants to update their Facebook or Twitter using their voice rather than typing the whole thing. Let’s hope it works well with Indian Accent.


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