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Temple Run 2 App IconUnless you are living in a cave you must have heard about the brand new Temple Run 2 game which is currently the top iPad app in the free segment. Like I promised today we are going to review this highly anticipated game of 2013 and find out whether Temple Run 2 lives up to our expectations. We will explain each element of our review under separate sections and finally rate the app on a scale of 1-10. Please keep in mind that we are reviewing this runner game using an iPad 3 and using the initial launch version of the game.


While the core concept of infinite running is still at its heart, Temple Run 2 comes with some pretty hefty changes in terms of general gameplay. you now have a floating temple that provides a track with varying elevations. There are ropes that allow you to slide downwards followed by a mix of uphill stairs, dense rocky forest roads and broken rooftops. The variations in Temple Run 2 makes every run a memorable one. One thing that you will instantly realize is a that the game increases in speed at a steady pace rather than the original version where the speed was just a bit too much when you are all set and above a million points. In the second edition I feel that the speed is just about right. Another brand new addition is the new railroad paths where you dock on a vehicle and travel through various obstacles while balancing yourself on the track. You need to move your iPad in order to dodge and move through the tracks. Sometimes there will be a dead end so keep your eyes open. Other similar elements like fire balls, walls, waterways, spike rotators etc. makes sliding and dodging them increasingly satisfying. Overall, the gameplay feels improved with lots of tweaks and improvements to theatrics engine. The spectacular verity also helps in creating an addictive experience punched with a unique rhythmic music.

Temple Run 2 Rope Swing

Upgrades and Achievements

It’s pretty evident that imangi Studios listened to all those Temple Run dedicated forums in order to create their upgrades and achievement model for rid second game. Yes, you still need to collect coins and use them to buy a variety of upgrades for the various in-game abilities. However it should be noted that the entire structure of the upgrade ecosystem has changed a bit.

Every character in Temple Run 2 comes with two sets of customization. Firstly, you have powerups that can be used according to your choice simply by double tapping your screen whenever the powerup meter is at it’s maximum. The meter fills up gradually when you collect coins. Next, you have the familiar set of upgrades like coin magnet duration, invisibility, triple coin bonus etc.

Temple Run 2 Powerups and Abilities

Temple Run 2 is driven by an addictive rewards system that drives you to play more and more. Every time you achieve a certain set of objectives you are presented with certain rewards and a level upgrade. The Moët precious of them are the “Green Gems” that can be used to revive yourself once you make a mistake while running. Unlike the previous game which had a weird looking wing that gave you another chance, this edition always ensures that you get a second try. Gems can also be collected in-game but they appear rarely and you better make that jump to grab each and every one of them. If you decide to use a second or third chance for a single run then it would cost you more gems. Various in-app purchases are always there if you want to spend real money and earn lots of coins quickly without running endlessly.


The single most important factor that differentiates Temple Run 2 from the original version is the much improved graphics. The textures look more sharp and vivid with lots of variations and depth instead of simple block shaped patches. The game looks a lot better on any retina display especially the first scene showcasing your character being chased by a black Helios monster. The animations for sliding and collecting coins is pretty much similar to the previous version with some minor tweaks here and there. The water graphics are not that impressive but the reality is that when your re running at full pace you will hardly have the time to stop and notice those individually. It should be noted that the game is currently having some framerate issues on on iPad 3 since that’s the moel in which we tested it to write our review. However these changes will defiantly be fixed with the first update.

New Floating Scenery on Temple Run 2


Temple Run 2 brings back the same addiction and simplicity like their first game back in 2011. The brand new gem powered revive feature is pretty interesting as well as intimidating and it should result in much higher average scores in general. There are a bunch of new addition to the default list of upgrades that requires a proper strategy to complete the current objectives. Powerups is a brand new addition that gives you a little bit of control as to how you want to score those millions of points. Overall the floating temple will keep you engaged for a very long time especially when you are bored and need a quick solution for spending minutes or even hours.

Video Review

Wrap Up

[Download Temple Run 2 for iPad]

Score – (8/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Imangi Studios

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