Sony announces PlayStation 4, bets big on Social Cloud Gaming

Sony just announced their much awaited PlayStation 4 at an event in New York. When they sent out their invite for 20th February relating to something big about PlayStation many sites predicted this could be the next big thing. Fortunately, we are correct. The PlayStation4 houses 2 CPU (one running in the background and takes care of internal functions), 8 GB of RAM and a powerful X86 CPU. The GPU as we heard is kind of super colossal and together they can transmit bandwidths upto 170 Gbps.

Playstation 4 Logo

The company is looking to tie up with cloud based gaming solutions like Gaikai and is aiming towards a social gaming future. Is it too little too late? We will talk more about this in our future posts. The DualShock 4 controller is a fresh new approach towards gaming with the analogue stick but it has more to do with your new social functions. One cool thing that we heard is that you can download games in the background even when your PS4 power is switched off. Also, you can stream your games to your TV or PS Vita with the push of a button. It is evident that Sony is betting big on the social ecosystem with a brand new UI and other integrated elements.

Update: Sony’s US PlayStation Site is not working. It’s down.

A special note: we just got this update and we will explain everything pretty shortly and also compare Sony’s new model with the iPad gaming industry.

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