5 Stunning iPad Retina Snowman Wallpapers

Since the month of December spices up our festive mood, I decided to share 5 free and stunning snowman wallpapers that will look gorgeous on your iPad. I personally tested each and every one of them on the retina display and they just look stunning irrespective of the number of app icons on your home screen. The wallpapers can be used as your lock screen images as well. The theme which I choose for this week is Snowman. Whenever we speak of Christmas, we cannot forget the beautiful round shaped showman created from hours of craving the chilling cold ice. Snowman and Christmas go hand in hand. I am sure that these wallpapers will lighten up the mood not just for yourself but also that of your iPad.

Note: Click any image to download the full retina resolution 2048 by 2048 pixel wallpaper.

Singing Snowman

Singing Snowman

Snowman Baby Gift

Snowman baby gift wallaper

Ice Heads of Christmas

Snowman Heads Wallpaper

Snowman Surrounds Christmas Tree

Snowman surronds christmas tree wallpaper

Snowman Doll

Snowman Doll Wallpaper for iPad

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