iPad 5, iPhone 5S, 5C & more to be unveiled on September 10th Apple event

While Apple is desperately trying to hide their secretive developments, AllThingsD believe that the next generation iPhone 5S should be unveiled on September 10th. There have been tons of rumors about the next gen Apple devices including a low cost variant of their smartphone called iPhone 5C. On the other hand Bloomberg reported yesterday that the highly anticipated iPad 5 is expected to make its debut in the last quarter of 2013. One thing that’s highly unlike is the fact that Apple will be hosting two separate events for Q4 2013. One might see a large event on September 10th where they make announcements for all the new products including the iPad Mini Retina display. This time you can expect a whole new breed of products from Apple right before Christmas. At least, the rumors and facts are starting to shape up into such a scenario.

iPhone 5C Mockup MacRumor

New and reliable sources have all confirmed innumerable details, images and other information regarding the next gen Apple devices. Instead of trying to explain what’s cooking in our exciting Appleosphere it’s best if I just note down the recent rumors in bullet points for you.

  • The low cost iPhone 5C will have the same screen size as iPhone 4. It will not feature Siri and the highly anticipated fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5S.
  • The iPhone 5S will be equipped with a dual flash camera & 8MP high quality camera.
  • Samsung is reportedly making the new displays for iPad 5 and iPad Mini
  • Apple is using iPad Mini technology in their upcoming iPad 5 in order to reduce the overall thickness of the tablet. As a matter of fact many experts believe that the new iPad 5 should look like a giant Mini instead of a revolutionary new design.
  • The iPhone 5S will feature the same screen size as its predecessor. The most anticipated features of this new phone is the final release of iOS 7, a new fingerprint sensor and offline Siri.
  • The 5S home button should feature a convex design made out of sapphire.
  • Apple is also expected to launch their new Mac-Pro as well as Haswell powered retina display macbook pro’s.
  • Finally Apple will launch iOS 7 on the September 10th event.

These are some of the rumors that I have collecting after investigating a wide range of websites, sources and publishers. Take a look at some of the images below and let us know that one Apple product that you are most excited about.

iPhone 5S Rear shell Leak

iPhone 5C Volume Buttons

iPad 5 Rear Shell

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