Say Hello to our TNIB Podcast

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new podcast show. In The New iPad Blog (TNIB) podcast channel we are going to talk about iPad and other cool stuff. There are several reasons for starting a talk show for our site. Firstly I see a lot of you are having trouble upgrading or jailbreaking your devices. We will also discuss about latest tips and tricks, error issues etc. I seriously hope that our TNIB show will help you all solve your iPad related problems.

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Things to Expect

  • Discussions about latest news and rumors from the world of Apple
  • iPad Apps recommendations (discussions about cool new apps)
  • App Giveaways and other contests
  • Interviews with App Developers and Designers
  • Your Questions Answered Live on Show

Note: Right now we have not fixed a particular time for our show so you need to follow our social feeds to know the exact timings. We will update you 24 hours before the show. Stay Tuned for loads of excitement and fun.

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About the Author

I am the creator of The New iPad Blog. I wanted to share some of the best iPad tutorials, authentic reviews and other fruitful information regarding iPad. I love Apple and want to help spread the usefulness of their tablet. Follow me in Google+ to get instant help for any iOS problems. Besides blogging I like travelling and hanging out with my friends.

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