Rumor: iPad 5 launch as early as March 2013

Today we just got new reports suggesting the launch of a brand new iPad 5 in March 2013. As of now these are just speculations made by Macotakara who is known for providing some really accurate Apple rumors in 2012. Be it the iPod touch or the first leaked pictures of iPad Mini, this Japanese blog has been very consistent with their stream of speculations. According to them the new iPad 5 will not only have a much powerful processor but it will also be a lot lighter and thinner than the current iPad 4. Macotakara also wrote that the thickness may very well be as little as 2 mm.

The biggest surprise that surrounds the next generation iPad is the fact that why Apple is launching their products so fast. It’s been only 60 days or so since the launch of the last iPad and many fans were already complaining of shorter time span for the product cycle. Unlike the iPhones, as of now there is no definitive answer to this question and we can only hope that Tim Cook comes up with a logical explanation about what’s going on. Another suggestion that experts are predicting is the fact that Apple wants to launch two variations of iPads each year. Depending on the model you choose for one year you will get the same 12 month gap for your next upgrade but the only thing is you need to skip a model version.

iPad 5 Launch Rumor

We will follow the latest story and developments related to iPad 5 very closely. Be sure to check back our website regarding more details about the product and the possibility of some leaked images in the near future. 2013 is one year when the war between Apple and Android is simply going to intensify to a magnitude like we have never seen before. Let’s hope Apple once again dazzles the tablet world with their upcoming iPad 5 speculated for a March 2013 release.

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