Rumor: Apple working on thinner and lighter iPad 4

The last week was quite buzzing when Bloomberg suggested that Apple is working on a new iPad Mini. Amidst such speculations, one news that never made it to the headlines suggests that Apple is working on a brand new 9.7 Inch iPad 4 that will be significantly thinner and lighter than the current generation iPad. Soon after the launch of the new iPad many people complained that Apple sacrificed a lot for their new Retina Display on the tablet. The third generation iPad was not only heavier and thicker than iPad 2 but it was significantly hotter because the new A5X Chip had to do extra work to keep the ultra-high resolution display running.

iPad 4 Mockup

Image Courtesy of: Mac Magazine

Being a user of iPad 3 I would say that when I play graphics intensive games like Asphalt 7 or Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy the heating sometimes do feel uncomfortable. With iPad 4 Apple is planning to keep their Retina Display and further increase the Pixel Density to give more crispness to their display. The new device will also be very light because the tech giant is now working on custom circuit boards and modules to reduce the weight. Let us not forget the main culprit of the iPad 3 heaviness. It was the battery. To run the retina display all day long Apple had to insert a bigger and fatter battery that could stay charged for 9 Hours.

There are rumors that Apple is working on a brand new battery module which not only will last longer but is significantly lighter and thinner to use. There are no reports regarding the processor, RAM etc. as of yet but one can surely expect further upgrades into them.

The iPad is no doubt the leading tablet in the industry. With the introduction of iPad 4 roughly around the same time as the launch of the new iPad, next year Apple will try to push the boundaries even further thereby crushing other competitors.

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