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Path iconIn 2012 Path introduced a brand new way of sharing your life with others. In just a few months the startup gained massive popularity and this week they just launched their first ever iPad app in an effort to mark their services accessible to a wide range of audience. As an iPad app reviewer it is my job to download notable new applications and determine the good and the bad from an unbiased perspective. With Path, I must say that my entire 2 hour long experience is rather disappointing.

Introduction to Path

If you are completely new to Path then let me explain a bit about the app itself. Path allows you to track posts make by you or your friends that are arranged in chronological order. What made this app such a huge success is the simple and elegant looking interface. You can post a location, picture, text or even video as an update. Status updates can also be tracked form your Face ooh and other social networking site into a neatly designed interface. Now that Path for iPad is released, I have no complaints about the aesthetics. My main concern is a number of bugs and other annoying stuff that made my experience less memorable.

The App Itself

Firstly, you cannot use the app in landscape view properly. Whenever I switched to landscape mode I was presented with an image from my latest post. On the lower left side I could see white colored navigation buttons but couldn’t figure out a way to scroll between my poets in the landscape view. Later I realized that Path only displays all your posts in the landscape mode from the time you start updating in your iPad itself which according to me is somewhat weird. Once you switch to portrait the app reveals itself fully where you have a notifications section on left and an array of chronologically sequenced updates of your personalized Path account.

Path Profile Interface for iPad

When you launch the app for the first time and assuming you never used Path on any other device, you will be required to update your profile with a cover photo just like that in Facebook. The design of the entire application ensures that your cover photo is given more emphasis so choose wisely. On the other hand the round shaped profile picture area overlapping the cover is a bit too small. There is a big red icon on the lower left side of the screen that allows you to add new updates in your Path account. When you tap the icon you are presented with a carousel type interface showing the various types of media that you can add. Photos added inside path can be edited instantly using a bunch of new effects. Some of these effects are paid so be prepared to shell out some real cash before using them on your pictures. Last but not the least, when you scroll through your Path, your are presented with an real time time viewer with a fully animated clock showing the time. This is one thing that I loved about their new app for iPad.

path feed


One thing I absolutely hated is the forceful invitation send feature and a non removable dedicated invite bar on the left section of the portrait view. I encountered a lot of sudden creases when I tried to add other as friends or send invites manually from my profile. I personally like the concept of Path and I think all these bugs and crashes will be solved with a future update to improve the overall experience. Till then Path for iPad is looking a lot pathless.

Score – (6.5/10)

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