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Rahul Ghosh

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On March 23, 2013
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Incredimail is one of the best email clients that you can ever find on your iPad. It will definitely increase your efficiency. An awesome substitute for the default iOS mail app.

Incredimail iOS App IconA few days ago I came across a brand new iPad email client called Incredimail. The app was topping the charts in your regularly productivity section and I being a full time iPad blogger couldn’t help but give this one a try. As a blogger I get tons of emails everyday and the default iOS email app sometimes feel too conventional and hectic. You need to scroll through an endless list of mail subjects trying to figure out the importantly ones from the stash. Frankly, Incredimail surprised me with their new approach of making your email browsing faster than ever. Lets take a closer look at this app in this review.

Incredimail’s First Time Login Experience

As soon as you open Incredimail you need to login with your email account and approve the application. If you are using the 2 step verification from Google then you need to enter your verification code while logging in for the first time. The email client currently supports all major services like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo etc. but you cannot sync it with a POP3 service. While this is disappointing to a lot of enterprise and corporate users, I believe that this small addition will defiantly arrive with their next update. Anyways, once you have successfully logged in you need to wait a while when Incredimail sync all your emails, tags, folders etc. from your respective client. Be prepared to spend at-least 2-3 minutes for the first sync but the time is well spent with a beautifully animated loading screen. Fortunately, the waiting period is a one time scenario and your emails are automatically refreshed the next time your open the application. Now that I have covered everything about the initial login lets talk about the email client itself and how it differs from the stock mail application.

Incredimail supported mail clients

Incredimail vs default mail app

Like I mentioned before, Incredimail takes the best of different mail clients and eliminates a lot of not-so-productive features that we experience in Apple’s own mail app. All your emails appear in their own respective boxes with the ability to slide back and forth various pages of them. The boxes are one of the most significant features of Incredimail because each one of them comes with their own set of functions and features. You can quickly scroll a box and browse a snippet of that particular mail. The ability to read more than just the subject is very useful especially when you have lots of messages from the same guy. Sometimes people send mails with such mundane subject lines that its hard to figure out what they are referring to. The new snippet viewer ensures yo u can skim through multiple mails and open the ones that you feel are important. Once you slide the content of a box downwards, you will be presented with a bunch of options for managing each particular mail inside Incredimail. The sliding feature lets you access some quick action buttons like send, forward, star as important, mark as read and delete. If you select mark as read then the design of the box changes indicating that you have already check that particular mail. These simple yet innovative additions make you rethink how you deal with your emails everyday.

Incredimail Interface

Once you get pat the main screen and open any individual mail you get a clean distraction-free reading pane with a thumbnail of the sender on the top left. All your messages can be zoomed to fit the entire iPad screen Witt e help of a dedicated expansion button. I really liked Incredimail’s reading interface because it allowed me to rad the actual contents without the distractions from any advertisement. One thing that caught the attention rights away was the ability to choose some cool templates when you are writing a new mail. Although these templates (referred to as stationary) are limited but they are defiantly worth checking out. You can access the list of stationaries on the right hand corner of the composer panel and tap any one of them to include it as your template. By default there are some text written on them just to give you a rough idea of how the entire thing is going to look but once you start writing the dummy text vanishes to make way for your own message. Incredimail syncs with my tags by creating dedicated folders for each on roof them on the navigation panel. The app comes with such ease of use that I was beginning to forget that I am running an instance of my original Gmail inside it.

Compose Mail Template

Photo Inbox

Just when I though I have seeing all there was one mo feature inside Incredimail that amazed me. In today’s inter-connected social world, we often use various photos from Facebook as reference. With Incredimail’s photo inbox you can get a birds eye view of all the recent Facebook pictures posted by both you and your friends on the timeline. Pictures from pages that you liked will also appear in this panel. You can use any of these pictures directly from photo inbox in your emails. This handy feature is pretty convenient since it eliminates all try stages of saving a pic on your PC and uploading it as attachment.

Incredimail Photo Inbox from Facebook


Incredimail is one of the Moët innovative ways of browsing and handling your daily dose of mails. The app is catered to improve your efficiency both at work and home. As I said in the beginning, the only disadvantage is the inability of using POP3 accounts. It might take a while to get used to a fresh layout but once you get the hang of it, you will be maintaining multiple clients and messages with ease. The new photo inbox opens a wide range of possibilities but can backfire as a privacy threat concerning the individual’s photo your are sharing. As far as choosing between default mail and Incredimail I would defiantly go with the later.

Wrap Up

[Download Incredimail for iPad]

Score – (9/10)

Price – Free

Seller – IncrediMail Ltd.

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