Review: DrawQuest takes a fresh approach towards digital drawing

DrawQuest iOS App IconThere are tons of drawing and sketching apps in the market but a few are as creative as DrawQuest. This free app takes a fresh approach towards digital drawing and it will surely tinker your inner creativity to create something unique. While you can still draw things on your screen, the developers added a level of objectivity to their ecosystem by turning every single attempt as a challenge. In this review we will take a closer look at some of the features and overall functioning of DrawQuest and explain why you should try this one irrespective of your age group.


As the name suggests DrawQuest offers you various drawing missions every day that you need to complete in order to earn coins and unlock various colors on your palette. There is a full-fledged social aspect to the entire app where you can view and appreciate drawings from other users. Each quest comes with an uncompleted drawing that you need to fill up in the most creative way possible. For Example: at the time we were reviewing this app we saw a quest with a blank dollar bill. Your objective is to draw something inside it and share your creation with the community. This format is not only delightful and engaging but you also remind you of all those drawing classes you took in your childhood. Once your drawing is complete it’s available for the rest of the community to see and rate your creation.

DrawQuest Social Profile Coin System to Unlock Colors

A standardized left panel allows you to view your profile that is pretty basic and limited. All you get to add is your photo and a punch line. If you are logging in with Facebook then the profile picture will be extracted. You can edit your profile using the settings panel which also allows you to add a short Bio and change your password. DrawQuest also comes packed with a built in notification system that alerts you every time someone starts or likes your drawing. One of the coolest things this app has to offer is the ability to watch the full playback video of someone else’s creation. Every time you get a vote you also receive 1 coin. Coins are crucial because you need them to unlock new colors sets. This entire ecosystem is simple and extremely easy to grasp. No other drawing app on the iTunes store gives such social emphasis like DrawQuest.

The Drawing Interface

Of course a good drawing app can only succeed if it’s powered by an accurate, easy to use interface. Unfortunately there are quite a few flaws with DrawQuest especially when compared to a more traditional application like Paper. First of all you have 3 different types of brushes including a painter, highlighter and a conventional pencil. There is also an eraser to omit al mistakes. While the brushes work pretty well the core problem lies with the interface itself. Every time you try to draw on one of the edges, the interface elements vanishes only to reappear suddenly and obstruct your flow. This sometime becomes so annoying that you would feel like exiting the drawing mode and watching the gallery. There are occasional lags especially when you are using multiple shades of the paintbrush tool. The color switcher is pretty cool with a carousal effect that lets you switch between various colors in your inventory. A dedicated button allows you to buy more colors with the hard earned coins. We still feel that the color palette needs a faster scrolling especially when you have plenty of them in your stack.

DrawQuest Drawing Interface


DrawQuest might not be the best drawing tool for your iPad but it does a pretty awesome job in reinventing the community drawing experience. The app needs some serious improvements in performance and bug fixes in order to give their users complete creative freedom. The playback feature is pretty cool and a brand new concept. If you want to revisit those golden childhood days or engage your kids in a competitive and engaging drawing experience then this is the app you should download for your iPad.

Wrap Up

[Download DrawQuest for iPad]

Score – (7.5/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Canvas Networks, Inc.

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