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Redneck Revenge iOS App IconRedneck Revenge by BulkyPix studios is another notable Zombie Shooter that satisfies all your gun killing, head busting fantasies with easy to use controls. This game feels immensely satisfying every time you complete a level. In our review of Redneck Revenge’s iPad version we tested the game on an iPad 3 and thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. The review is going to be divided into specific segments like Gameplay, Graphics and Features. Lets start talking more about Zombies.


Redneck Revenge is all about shooting zombies and enjoying every moment of smashing bloodbath. It’s a game that takes a comical approach to try whole thing and yet captivates you in its level based story mode. The first few levels are pretty simple to complete and every stage has a few of them which you need to cross in order to get to the next set of levels. One cool thing is that you choose your own path while playing these mission. Although the story is still the same , you need to figure out the shortest possible path for complete a certain stage.

Redneck Revenge Gameplay on iPad

The core gameplay has two basic controls where you use your left hand to swipe the charter up or down the screen and the right and can be shooting. The shooting itself feels very easy since you need to point on an area and kill the incoming zombies. Although the game camera is set at a side view, you still get a 3Dish feel to the whole thing. Redneck Revenge offers a wide variety of zombies with such unpredictable behavior that you will feel challenged every time you start playing a level. There are these basic slow moving zombies, fast paced female monsters, zombies in skateboards and many more. They all come charging towards you as you try to shot and subdue all of them. Like we said, the shooting feels immensely satisfying and you will love smacking them up close when they are tying to break different barriers to get to you. The controls embed levels are easy to master in no time and I think the creators have done a prefect job with them. There will be situations where you need to strategize your shooting and use those explosives widely in order to survive the ongoing zombie rampage. Overall, the gameplay is putty slick And responsive just like you would expect in any classic zombie shooter.

Weapons and Upgrades

Redneck Revenge comes with a wide selection of guns and upgrades. Every time you complete a mission you will earn some cash that can be used in your in-game store to purchase various stuff. One good thing about this iPad game is that you don’t have to worry about your ammunition. Every gun has its own damage levels, reload and cooling time along with a specific fire rate. Each individual gun can also be upgraded with cash to make them more powerful and effective against the zombies.

Weapon upgrades for killing Zombies

Although the number of guns is not that many, you get a wide selection of other weird stuff like armor, special revival potion (in case you are killed in-game), Uncle Bob etc. There is a separate menu for you to upgrade your characters look and increase the level of armor. Each choice you make will have a significant outcome on different levels. For example, the explosives are limited and should only be used when there is a fleet of Zombie heading right at you. In case your coin earnings feel a but insufficient you can go ahead and purchases more using the usual in-app purchases. Another cool way of earning some decent money is to Dave becoming civilians as they hoard towards you. Make sure you don’t shoot them or else you will loose all your rewards. Finally, a few special animal upgrades like killer whales, kamikaze ducks etc. ensures that you always have a trick up your arsenal. Redneck Rampage really engages you in their zombie adventure but it also requires a significant amount of strategy to usage specific equipment at the right time to clear all the levels.

Graphics and Music

Redneck Revenge takes a cartoonistic approach towards the overall theme. Right from the start you will find an instant connection to the music and the main menu designs. The zombies themselves are pretty distinctive each with their unique set of artwork. Although the game happens in a 2D like side view you still experience the full splattering of their brains and th ability to shoot the zombies part by part. Using explosives feels overwhelming especially when you kill a lot of them in one shot. Even when you health bar is about to end the profile ion changes to a skull. Saucy small details makes the game pretty addictive and fun. As far as the storyline is concerned you get to experience it as a pictorial illustration.

Redneck Revenge incredible graphics


Redneck revenge is definitely one of the best looking Zombie games out there. The simplistic controls ensure that you ar focused towards the main objective of shooting weird looking zombies. Although the story is a bit weak, you still get a wide variety of guns and upgrades to keep you occupied. The animations, music and the overall appeal feels fanatic for a few hours of light hearted shooting. Having said that you should never underestimate the power of zombies and their collective attacks to try and kill your hero.

Wrap Up

[Download Redneck Revenge for iPad]

Score – (8.5/10)

Price – $0.99

Developer – BulkyPix Studios

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