5 Best Techniques for mastering Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 iOS App IconIf you like racing games like I do then you must have heard about the Real Racing 3 being recently launched for all mobile devices including the iPad. This is the first time EA has bought true console graphics alongside a ton of other improvements to make the game even more authentic. A lot of you has been struggling with Real Racing 3 and wanted me to write some tips and tricks in order to master the racing game. Today I am going to share some of the best advice that I personally discovered after playing almost 50 hours. Before we get started, there are certain things that you need to consider.

My Facts for Real Racing 3

  • I have not made any purchase
  • I have completed over 75 percent for 3 major racing events
  • I am at Driver Level 25
  • I have used 4 cars till date. All my cars are bought with R$ and gold earned inside the game.

Tips and Tricks for Real Racing 3

Make the Right Choice

Since Real Racing 3 is based on a freemium model you need to extra careful at the decisions you make right from the start of the game. One wrong spending can lead you struggling for hours to recover the hard earned in-game money. I am going to suggest that you go ahead and start your career with the Ford Focus RS. I quickly started winning races, piling up cash and quickly upgrading the parts to make this car the ultimate amateur machine. One I was 50 percent through the Pure Stock Challenge Series I made a terrible mistake. I bought the Dodge Challenger R/T muscle car and wanted to expand my racing empire. Instead I should have waited and bought the Audi TT RS which would have unlocked more events with higher prize money.

I struggled a lot switching between the Ford and the Dodge in order to collect another 100k and finally bought the Audi TT sports car. The feeling was overwhelming and I thought I did beat the notion of “No progress without real cash” for Real Racing 3. I was partially wrong. All of a sudden the events started getting tougher and it was difficult to keep winning trophies and unlock more races. The bitter lesson that I learned is to wait for a mid-range car from a particular category and then make the purchase. Had I invested in a BMW M6 I could have completed the Exotic Series in no time. Another important thing that you should keep in mind is to keep collecting coins and never use them. Once you finish 20-30 races you should have an arsenal of 40-50 coins since you are awarded something after every driver level. These coins can later be used to purchase a McLaren F1 or something similar. Always invest money on you upgrades. Be a little patient and try to outrun the time for repairs, improvements etc. by doing something else.

Learn Traits for Each Race Type

It’s important to under the concept and pattern for each race type. First, you have these long grinding endurance races that deplete a large chuck of your tyre and fuel performance. If you are looking to compete in this event then make sure that all your repairs are full because there is nothing more frustrating than stopping your car just before beating number 1. Drag races are focused more towards your tyres and engine. You can still participate in these races with minimal fuel. The key is to keep all your maintenance levels to green at all times. The trickiest is the speed snap where you need your car to perform at max settings especially in later stages of Real Racing 3. So, make sure you understand each race type based on their demand.

Master the Art of Cornering

The only way to defeat your opponents if you truly want to excel in Real Racing 3 is to master the art of driving through the corners. In each and every race you will start at the last grid. While this seems a bit unrealistic it’s high time that you get mentally prepared to defeat all of them like a hero. The most critical turn is the first one after the race starts. Do not fear for car damages since you can easily fix them with a fraction of your winning money. Also make sure that you are turning all driving assists off and using the manual braking mechanism to control your car. Once you start getting the hang of it it’s a lot of fun to defeat 5-10 cars at one turning of the track.

Real Racing 3 cornering

Replay Events to Earn Money

In Real Racing 3 there is a major loophole to the whole system. It’s possible to earn a lot of money just by replaying the past events. While this sounds too good to be true there is a hidden feature that makes winning even more difficult every time you launch the same race. The difficulty increases progressively so make sure you are prepared for it. You can also play events previously played by a lot of your gamecenter friends. Once you defeat them all, you will be awarded with some bonus cash.

Use the Hood Camera

I have tested all the camera angles on my iPad and found out that the best way to play Real Racing 3 is by using the hood camera. You can make some precise turns, anticipate opponents ahead of you, fine-tune your slip through car gaps and much more. If you are struggling with a particular race then try switching to this camera. Unfortunately, the interior camera is not that great expect the mind blowing graphics. In the interior camera the game lags a bit, at least on my iPad 3.
I hope that these tips will boost your Real Racing performance and help you win more trophies.

Simple Cup Race in RR3 for ipad

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  1. iamafreak says:

    Thanks for the tips..

    • rahul247rocks says:

      welcome..and best of luck on the tracks :)

    • tips…. level 200++++++….buy only the best or fastest car per category and use it to complete the series…..the others you buy only when on sale as you will only use them in their showcase event and time trial only!!!!!! ……and you can always double your money by racing on 100% bonus by manipulating the time and date…..and keep your race clean…..no collisions and keep on track…..

  2. Do you earn more R$ if you win races with the assists turned off, or are the rewards the same regardless?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      No you earn the same R$ if you turn off assists..but it’s easier to play the game without assists as they give you more control of your car. In some races it’s impossible to win with assists ON. If you are looking to earn more R$ then try playing events that your friends played and beat them all.

  3. hey! thanks for the tips!
    i have something to ask! i am currently on driver level 29 and have 55 gold coins left with me after purchasing the mclaren MP4 12C. what is the maximum driver level that v can reach in the game coz i need 150 gold coins to purchase the porsche 918!

    • rahul247rocks says:

      I am currently at level 36…you will get something like 8 golds at 30…then level 31 comes pretty quick with 3 golds….with every 5 level you can earn an average of 30 golds in Real Racing 3. I guess you need to save quite a lot to buy the Porsche car.

  4. Wow! Thanks for your tips. Now i have finished 24% of the whole game. But now i am stuck in money issue. So. Do you know which event will pay me back over 20,000 R$ ? thanks :)

  5. Thanks for the tips. I prefer cockpit view for it reflect steering wheel movement well.

    I also posted some tips and car comparison chart on my blog. please visit.


  6. Macheesta says:

    Been playing since March… Haven’t paid a dime. Here’s my stats and tips. Level 130 / 233 hrs / $15,598,910 earned / $1,144,030 in the bank / 1345 Gold earned / 99 Gold in the bank / 819 of 1075 races / 2143 total races – 1134 gold – 259 silver – 172 bronze – 578 other / 36 of 48 cars owned for $8,855,555 / 432 upgrades / 100% in 16 events. Choosing the best combination of speed, traction and acceleration depending on track type… know what upgrades to buy to best suit the track you are trying for a win on. So far I have found that the 2 best money races for making cash with minimal damage to your car are (Pro/Am World Series Everyday Heros last 5 lap Hokenheimring with Porsche 911 GT3 Rs and BMW M6 Coupe… best time: 8min 14secs = $18,400 at $37.25 per second) (Pro Racing Accolade Open last 4 lap Panorama with Porsche 918 RSR Concept… best time: 7min 8secs = $16,400 at $38.30 per second) My strategy is to earn twice the value of an upgrade on a more expensive car before buying it always saving money for the more expensive cars. (*** NOTE*** I wasted a lot of gold on upgrades before I learned to pay only with cash… I’m at 99 gold now and have 700 more to go to buy the last gold car. SAVE/HOARD your gold!)

    • Macheesta says:

      PS…. the reason I chose these races for earning cash is the cars are less costly to repair and service… so you keep more of your money from each race.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Great strategy man… :)

    • In the pro/am world series try the last one, 5 laps of suzuka. It gives around $31k with both daily double and manager bonus, that’s $126k plus clean race bonus, which isn’t a bad earnings. Only problem is you pay gold for manager bonus sometimes, which is a bit annoying.

      • Clarification/correction: There is no “Pro/Am World” series. The “Pro/Am Supercar Club” series has only 4 laps at Suzuka (Grand Prix) and a reward of less than $19K, which isn’t bad, but it’s not the most.

        The “GT3 World Series” also only has a 4 lap Suzuka.

        Maybe they have different names/rewards in Android vs iOS? I’m on iOS.

        The best reward I’ve found is in the GT1 Grand Tour, Mount Panorama. It has a reward around $22.5K which turns into $90K with dailydouble + manager. Definitely interested in hearing about races with higher rewards. It used to be you could rack up some huge rewards on Endurance races, but they changed the way the cars behave and that’s no longer the cash cow it once was.

  7. Adam Perry says:

    Just one quick thing. You mention not to worry about damage because it is cheap to fix. What you forgot to mention is if you damage your car too much it will drastically reduce the performance in the race.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Hi Adam,

      That’s actually a good point you mentioned. Performance do get affected when there is substantial damage. But I think with little damage the performance change is not that heavy.

  8. Hi, Did they lower the R$ prize money with the latest upgrade? Do you know which races earn the most R$

  9. Guys,
    I think I have found a bit of a lucky glitch to race and make money without having to repair a car. The car required is the Nissan GTR Premium (R-35) fully upgraded. The racing series is the Pro/am super car club and the race is supafly global open round 2 Suzuka circuit cup. It’s the last race of the series. The GTR can win the race even without being repaired prior to the race. I average 17.5K per race and it takes around 8:00 to 8:07 to complete. Double that with the first race of the day with the 100% bonus. I have not found a better value since its free and doesn’t require repairs to the GTR so there is no downtime. It just gets a little boring. I hope this helps.

  10. Hi, I just passed “Prestige Powermatch”. I am level 86, I have 42 cars. I only upgrade with cash, never (almost never) with gold: I only have used gold to buy cars. Never bought anything from the store.
    The richest prize so far is Accolade Open 18/3, with 22k+bonus, 48k with 100% daily bonus. This is the first race I do for the day (until I will find richer prizes). For farming though, I think some Head-To-Head races (not sure how it’s called in English) are very good, because even if you keep on playing with the car completely crashed, you get a good 2nd place reward, and that’s still, for example 2-3k r$ per minute (and sometimes you find an opponent that you can beat anyway), so repeat and repeat without repairing.
    Hint: after every race, I write on a paper the prize and the time (and calc r$ per second), so when I am short of money, I find out quickly the best event where to race.

  11. Phillip Washburn says:

    How many driver levels are there? I’ve not been able to find the answer.
    My Stats-
    Earnings- R$ 76,524,917
    Money Spent- R$ 68,413,055
    Fame Points- 6,984,090
    Total Gold Gained – 9,035
    Events Completed- 1634 of 1649 @99%
    Cars Owned- 73 of 77
    Total Grage Value -R$ 92,554,895
    Level 203
    Please e-Mail me @ pfwashburn@me.com

    • Rahul Ghosh says:

      I think upto 99 driver levels are there. I was in driver level 28 but after installing a clean iOS 7 it seems Real Racing lost all my progress and I had to start from scratch.

  12. Phillip Washburn says:

    At what point do you reach the maximum drive of (5) ? In my last post to you(Nov.26, 2013 )I told you I was at level 203 and it still says 4 Maximum Drive. Is the program built for an infinity possibility ? I’m sure they will be offering new racing series w/ in a month or so( they’ve got too keep that money rolling in Rahul -( I must say w/ some shame I’ve shelled out about $400.00 of real cash to date- Lord Forgive Me.!!!) 88jake8

  13. My tip: use the 100% first race bonus on the highest payout race you can win, and use 1 Gold Coin as well. That will QUADRUPLE your race reward.

    I use it with a Porsche 918 Concept in Accolade Open level 22/2 or 22/3 (Mount Panorama or Suzuka). A win in either generally gives me a cash boost of over $100,000 on average. Once I ended up with $120,000!!!

    Use the Gold Coin cautiously, because anything other than a win, makes me cringe to think of the gold coin wasted.

  14. Is there a video that shows the basics of driving with no assists? I’ve found videos on drifting but I need to start with the basics first. I sure hope one exists! Thanks

  15. Any tips on racing the 1969 dodge charger R/T hemi?

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