Omnifocus Review for iPad

Creating a new project in Omnifocus for iPad

I have always been fascinated by Omnifocus for iPad. It’s not because I heard good things about the app as a task or project management software, but because of the high pricing compared to the app store average.  I finally managed to get a copy of Omnifocus for my device and decided to review this     [Continue Reading]

CastleVille Legends Review for iPad

Zynga CastleVille gameplay

Zynga’s CastleVille Legends takes you on a magical journey of old school price charming and his fantasy quests. While the overall structure and gameplay is pretty similar to that of other Zynga games, nevertheless CastleVille Legends comes with some unique features of its own. It’s worth mentioning that I managed to get till level 16     [Continue Reading]

iPad 5 Space Gray Shells Leaked

New iPad 5 front & back shell final assembly

We predicted that iPad 5 might be announced in October and today we have images from the first leaked shells of iPad 5 space gray colors. The image was originally leaked by Sonny Dickson Blog and it seems that the shells are placed inside a big box somewhere near the assembly line itself. Apple first     [Continue Reading]

FIFA 14 launched for iOS

FIFA 14 iOS app icon

EA Sports finally launched the much awaited FIFA 14 for iOS. This year the developers are taking a bold new step by making the game free to play punched with a freemium concept. FIFA 14 comes packed a brand new control structure that takes advantage of swipes, taps and other iPad friendly gestures. We will     [Continue Reading]

5 Best iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers for iPad

Peacock Feather iOS 7 Parallax Wallpaper

One of the many features in iOS 7 is the new parallax style wallpapers that responds to the movement of your device. Recently I covered an article on how to setup your parallax and other wallpaper settings in iOS 7. Today I have a bunch of new wallpapers that take advantage of the new effect.     [Continue Reading]

How to prevent installing or deleting apps in iOS 7

Install Delete App Control iOS 7

One of the worst nightmares for any iOS 7 user is to find out that someone accidently deleted your apps.  On the other hand some users prefer not to let kids use the app store in order to start a fresh download or conduct unwanted purchases within any application. In this tutorial I am going     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for September 23rd 2013

Best Free Apps September 23rd 2013

Sharing some of the best free iPad apps, price drops for September 23rd 2013. We are constantly updating this segment in order to bring the best app deals, price drop notifications on a daily basis. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this post. We are not responsible for any sudden     [Continue Reading]

iOS 7 Review for iPad

Stunning iOS 7 Homescreen on iPad

I have been using iOS 7 for the last few months. Ever since the release of their original beta at WWDC 2013 to the final public release of iOS 7 on September 18th 2013 I have seen how Apple designers and developers joined forces to create one of the most simplistic seemless experiences on any     [Continue Reading]

How to install iOS 7 using IPSW on a jailbroken iOS 6 device

iOS7 running on iPad

Do you have a jailbroken iOS 6 device that you want to urgrade to apple’s latest release of iOS 7? In this tutorial we will show you the exact steps required to install iOS 7 on your iPad. It’s a pretty easy method but requires you to download the iOS 7 IPSW files for your     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for September 20th 2013

Best Free Apps September 20th 2013

Sharing some of the best free iPad apps, price drops for September 20th 2013. Everyday we search the app store to bring the best apps, daily deals and more. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of creating this post. We are not responsible for any sudden price increase. Please click on the     [Continue Reading]

iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers: Everything you need to know

OS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Disable

With iOS 7 Apple introduced a brand new way of defining depth by adding a parallax effect to your wallpapers. If you haven’t used iOS 7 yet, then you can download the update and start experiencing the effect first hand by moving your device. The way parallax works is that the entire image is cropped     [Continue Reading]

iOS 6 Vs iOS 7: Notable app redesigns, new icon designs

Evernote iOS 7 Interface

When Apple pushed for an all-flat iOS 7 interface design, app designers knew that they had to rethink how their old applications look and feel on the new version of the world’s most advanced operating system. It was evident that the popular app makers would vote for the flat look and go for a brand     [Continue Reading]