Adobe Voice Review: The Future of Storytelling

Adobe Voice iOS App Icon

Adobe Voice is the brand new application from Adobe allowing you to create compelling visual flows to narrate a story. The app is free to download and it’s making quite a buzz ever since its launch. Today I am going to share my in-depth review of Adobe Voice and try to decode why it attracted     [Continue Reading]

StartApp – the best CPM iOS Ad Network

startup ad network

StartApp is an advertising forum of mobile with Android apps which was discovered in the late time of 2010. iOS was made with the idea of innovation and recently they had announced their most popular and awaited app iOS SDK. So what could you expect from this new app- IOS SDK Though all the IOS     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Apps to Kickstart May 2014

Best iPad apps to start may 2014

As we are nearing the first half of 2014 we have already seen a lot of great iPad apps on the AppStore. Searching through millions of applications and finding the ones that you need the most can be quite difficult. Therefore, I decided to categorize some of the best new and updated iPad apps that     [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Mastering Farmville 2 Country Escape

Farmville 2 Country Escape farm layout

Zynga’s latest game Farmville 2 Country Escape is one of the most popular apps on the iOS store. I recently got the Farmville addict while trying to find out what’s so special about this free to play strategy game. To be honest the game is actually not free if you want to enjoy the premium     [Continue Reading]

Best iPad Games for April 2014

best ipad games april 2014

April 2014 is one of the best months in terms of iPad game releases this year. When April started I only knew about the Hitman board game arriving for iOS but it seems that there are plenty of others to snap the competition right away. The advantage of being an iPad reviewer is that I     [Continue Reading]

Trails Frontier Review: Ubisoft’s nails it with their latest bike racing action

Gameplay action in Trails Frontier

Ubisoft is one of the most renowned publisher in the video gaming industry giving several hits like Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Ghost Recon and many more. While the company’s success is predominated by their titles launched for consoles and PC’s, the company failed to make a solid mark in the mobile gaming industry. With     [Continue Reading]

How to get rid of lost or corrupted data on a memory card

micro sd closeup

Memory cards are utilized with a wide range of electronic devices in order to store essential files and data.Since all the files and data are forever available on the memory or SD card most of the times. You can open and view all the data and files on computer devices or on that device that     [Continue Reading]

Skyline Skaters Review for iPad

Skyline Skaters iOS App Icon

I haven’t played many skating game lately and Skyline Skaters come as a refreshment in this genre. To be honest I downloaded the game after a long day’s work, sitting on the balcony and thinking about something that would totally kill my boredom. I desperately searched through the AppStore on that Friday night tapping and     [Continue Reading]

5 Fantastic iPad Retina Wallpapers For April 2014

ravenclaw retina wallpaper (blue)

As a graphic designer myself I am always impressed by great illustrations. Be it wallpapers, paintings or something totally abstract I just love them all. I have been a bit busy these days but I thought that I should share some of the most fascinating iPad retina wallpapers for the month of April 2014. No!     [Continue Reading]

Microsoft Office 365 launched for iPad

Microsoft Word iOS app icon

Yes the wait for all you Microsoft office fanatics is finally over. Today the tech giant is releasing their much awaited Microsoft Office apps for iPad. If you are an office 365 user then you can download and start using these apps right away without any additional costs. I used it for a few minutes     [Continue Reading]

3 Best Tips For Mastering Flappy Bird & Scoring Big

Flappy Bird on iPad

Flappy Bird took the entire app world by storm with their simplistic yet extremely hard gameplay where your main purpose is to make a pixelated duck fly through various tunnels without actually hitting them. You score one point for every single obstacle that you cross and the count goes on till you hit a pipe.     [Continue Reading]

Rookie Photo Editor Review for iPad

Rookie Camera Interface

Rookie is one of my favorite app in 2014 and it’s likely to stay in my top 10 list as the year unfolds. For those of you who never heard of this app, Rookie is a simple to use Instagram-like photo editor for iOS that comes packed with an elegant design as well as an     [Continue Reading]