Apple Q1 2013 Net Profit soars high at $13.1 Billion

iPhone and iPad Sales Q1 2013

Apple just released their much expected income report for the first quarter of 2013. According to the report the tech giant made $54.5 Billion of total revenue with net profit figures at $13.1 Billion. This is one of the biggest and most profitable quarters in the history of Apple. Soon after the launch of iPhone     [Continue Reading]

Class+ review for iPad

Class+ iOS App Icon

Class+ is a brand new iPad app that attempts to organize ho you take your daily classes and helps you plan them more effectively. When I got the request for the app review I was a little skeptical since most of the task management apps are pretty much the same and there is hardly anything     [Continue Reading]

20 Useful Tips for Getting Started with your iPad

Detatch iPad Virtual Keyboard

When you open the sealed pack of a brand new iPad and slowly tear it the real joy of owning an iPad comes to life. After you switch it on for the first time you are greeted by a quick installation and setup process. It’s after this step that you get a first-hand experience of     [Continue Reading]

3 Best Poker Games for your iPad

Poker Drop App Icon

It seems that Apple’s iPad is influencing every possible industry with some great apps. Today we decided to target one such gaming niche that was previously dominated by the whirlwind of social media connections. Poker games was made popular to the mass internet audience by none other than the social gaming giant Zynga. The concept     [Continue Reading]

Temple Run 2 Review for iPad

Temple Run 2 App Icon

Unless you are living in a cave you must have heard about the brand new Temple Run 2 game which is currently the top iPad app in the free segment. Like I promised today we are going to review this highly anticipated game of 2013 and find out whether Temple Run 2 lives up to     [Continue Reading]

Noble Nutlings is a fantastic physics based fun racing game

Noble Nutlings iOS App Icon

Noble Nutlings is a fun easy to play racing game that looks a lot like Bad Piggies HD but comes with its own flair that certainly caught our attention. When you launch the game for the first time you will quickly jump into action and race to the finish line with some weird looking creatures     [Continue Reading]

11 Essential iPad Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Koder iOS App Icon

The iPad can be used as an effective instrument for all sorts of web design and development. You need to know the right kind of apps and how their interconnected ecosystem can provide you with a perfect development platform. Today we are going to share some of the best iPad Apps that will help anyone     [Continue Reading]

Temple Run 2 released for iPad and iPhone

Temple Run 2 Rope Swing

Imangi Studios finally released the much anticipated sequel of the famous Temple Run game on the Apple App Store. Temple Run 2 improves upon its predecessor in every possible way with better graphics, variety and lots of customization options. We played around with the game for 30 minutes or so and enjoyed the brand new     [Continue Reading]

Facebook Introduces Free VOIP calling for iPhone users in USA

Facebook Messenger Free Call Button on iPhone

Facebook is looking for a solid 2013 that promises lots of new features and upgrades to their social networking service. Today the company announced that they are rolling free calling over Wi-Fi or cellular data like 3G or 4G LTE using the famous Facebook Messenger app for all iPhone users across USA. If you are     [Continue Reading]

Hundreds Review for iPad

Hundreds Complicated Level

Hundreds is the first super hit game of 2013 that simply redefined the genre puzzle games on your iPad. I think this game was released in the last week of 2012 but it really took off and was elected as editor’s choice app in the first week of January. The makers of Hundreds were already     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Super Hot Girls iPad Retina Wallpapers

Scarlet Johansson White wallpaper

It’s certainly a waste of time and screen space if you don’t take advantage of the retina display of your iPad to spice it up with pictures of hot chicks. In the past we have listed several wallpaper collections for your iPad but this one is special since this set will definitely set a higher     [Continue Reading]

10 Free iPad apps to get started the right way

DropBox iOS App Icon

Once you switch on your brand new iPad for the first time you will be greeted with a short setup process followed by the beautiful stock iOS setup and its default apps. In order to unleash the true potential of the iPad one needs to quickly jump into the App Store where you will find     [Continue Reading]