Best Free iPad Apps for March 8th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 8th 2013

It seems that that app store is celebrating international women’s day with some of the best deals for a variety of iPad games. The most notable being Angry Birds original version which is also the free app of the week. I expected some mommy friendly apps to go free but unfortunately that’s not the case     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 7th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 7th 2013

Today is one of those days where we have more price drops compared to absolute free apps. Some of them are pretty renowned in the iPad community. Here are the best free iPad apps for March 7th 2013. Price Drops

Facebook Introduces brand new responsive look for their News Feed

Facebook News Feed Redesign 2013

This was bound to happen. Facebook just announced a complete redesign of their news feed. If you have been using an iPad or iPhone, as a matter of fact any mobile device then you will find some parts similar to the new look. In terms of change the biggest evolution is happening to all Facebook     [Continue Reading]

How to Upload Multiple Images from your iPad to Facebook using Photos

iPad to Facebook photo Upload Settings

Ever since the introduction of Facebook within the core ecosystem of iOS 6 many people are using the social network directly from their iPad. Apart from their dedicated app you can virtually access and share stuff to this social networking site from anywhere within your iPad. A few weeks ago, I shared another tutorial of     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for 6th March 2013

Best Free Apps March 6th 2013

Education is the name of the day when it comes to best free iPad apps. I have always supported the iPad education culture and looks like some of them have gone free today. Here is the list for March 6th 2013. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this article. We     [Continue Reading]

Pangolin HD Review for iPad

Pangolin iOS App Icon

Today we are going to review another iPad game called Pangolin HD. I mean the name sounds like an animal encyclopedia but you actually get to play as a Pangolin in the game itself. Just when I was having a boring day, this app delighted me with a top notch presentation from start to finish.     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 5th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 5th 2013

Today is another slow day on the app store without much price drops and discounts. Here are the best free iPad apps for March 5th 2013. Note: All app prices are verified at the time of writing this post. We are not responsible for a sudden price change. Price Drops

New Temple Run Oz Released on the App Store

Temple Run Oz app icon

Imangi Studios just released a brand new runner called Temple Run Oz. The entire game is inspired from the upcoming movie “Oz the Great and Powerful” by Sam Raimi. While the movie features James Franco as the main protagonist, the game lets you play the same infinite running adventure with an animated version of the     [Continue Reading]

New iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2nd Generation slated for April 2013 release

iPad 5 Concept Render Designs

Apple is definitely under pressure and is working furiously to launch the new iPad 5 and the successor to the iPad Mini. After the Apple stocks hit an all-time low many industry experts believe that Apple is losing their edge with extremely limited product releases each year. Since the introduction of the iPad 4 in     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 4th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 4th 2013

If you ever wanted a super saver variety bundle for your iPad then today is the day. We have some incredible apps gone free that are unique and powerful. Here is the entire list for March 4th 2013. Note: All price are confirmed at the time of writing this article. We are not responsible for     [Continue Reading]

Real Racing 3 Review for iPad

Real Racing 3 Starting Grid

Now that I have been playing Real Racing 3 for 4-5 days I can finally start writing a proper review that matters to you as an iPad gamer. Before writing this review I couldn’t help but browse different verdicts by some very popular websites. I feel that my take on Real Racing 3 is a     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 3rd 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 3rd 2013

Sundays are always filled with less offers and discounts on the app store. However, today we are seeing lots of activity especially for apps gone free. By the way, we also changed our cover image for best free iPad apps so please let us know what you guys think of the new design.  Below is     [Continue Reading]