Free App of the Week: Little Things Forever

Little Things Gameplay

The iTunes store is offering Little Things free for all iOS users this week. Have you ever wondered about all those little minute details that we miss every day? Little Things is a search and find puzzle solving experience that forces you to strain your eye and use the brain at an accelerated level. To     [Continue Reading]

New Rumors: iPad Mini Retina to launch in April according to supply chains

iPad Mini with Box

With half the month of March over many iPad fans are getting restless about of the launch of the new iPad 5 as well as Mini Retina. Ever since the launch of their 4th generation tablet, late last year critics are claiming that Apple might shift towards a 2 dual release yearly cycle for their     [Continue Reading]

Review: Repix for iPad redefines brush painting

Repix iOS App Icon

Repix is a brand new photo retouching app that is currently taking the app world by a storm. Before writing this review I did a bit of a research about the company who created this innovative drawing application. It seems that they first got the attention of the creative world by launching a web based     [Continue Reading]

Milkbook’s Hansel and Gretel Interactive Book Review

Hansel and Gretel Graphics

It’s almost one year since I started writing app reviews and I realized that I didn’t write much review of kid’s apps. Today I am going to share my opinion about an interactive e-book called Hansel and Gretel by MilkBook. Interactive e-books took off after the launch of the iBooks Author early last year. While     [Continue Reading]

Apple Files for Wireless iPad Charging Patent

Apple iPad Wireless Charging Patent

Today Apple just filed another important patent that involves using a new technology to wirelessly charge your iPad. I took a while and read the entire patent in order to understand the mechanism of their revolutionary new technology. It seems that Apple will be using the iPad’s best friend to keep it charged at all     [Continue Reading]

CSR Racing version 1.2.3 update enhances in-game graphics

CSR Racing Graphics Improvements

CSR Racing the world’s most famous drag dual game just got a major version 1.2.3 update. CSR Racing has been the epitome of drags for the last couple of months now. Since the day we reviewed this iPad game, the creators worked hard to improve CSR Racing by adding multiplayer, bug fixes, interface elements and     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 12th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 12th 2013

The app store is certainly filled with a lot of great apps for your iPad. For the last couple of days I have seen that the discount section is kind of dull, maybe it’s the calm before a massive spree of free stuff. You never know! Today is yet another day with not much action     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for March 11th 2013

Best Free Apps Mar 11th 2013

Today we have just  a handful of apps that are for sale. Here are the best free iPad apps for March 11th 2013. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this article. We are not responsible for any app price change. Price Drops            

5 Best Techniques for mastering Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 iOS App Icon

If you like racing games like I do then you must have heard about the Real Racing 3 being recently launched for all mobile devices including the iPad. This is the first time EA has bought true console graphics alongside a ton of other improvements to make the game even more authentic. A lot of     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps For March 10th 2013

Best Free iPad Apps Mar 10th 2013

Below are some of the best free iPad apps for March 10th 2013. Sundays are full of surprises. Price Drops

Best Free iPad Apps for March 9th 2013

Best Free iPad Apps Mar 9th 2013

Below are some of the best free iPad apps, price drops for March 9th 2013. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this article. We are not responsible for any sudden app price change. Price Drops

7 Most Wanted features for iOS 7

iOS 7 Logo TNIB

Apple is struggling to keep up with the mobile operating system competition. Their latest iOS 7 is expected to debut somewhere around June-July with some radical new improvements in both functionality and design. Maybe it’s time that Apple finally shifts their trend from simplicity to something more complicated and customizable. iOS 7 is not just     [Continue Reading]