Review: Flipboard 2.0 introduces social magazine experience & more

Flipboard Magazine Tools

Late last night when I heard that Flipboard released another update to their famous app, I was reluctant to download it. I thought I could postpone the task for my morning first hour and carry on with the rest of my day forward. What I didn’t realize was the fact that it was not just     [Continue Reading]

Google+ Updated for iPad with new look, community controls & Photo Editing Features

New Google Plus Photo Filters

Google seems to be determined with their Google+ app for iPad. Ever since the first launch of the iPad optimized version of their social network, the entire Google+ team worked hard to improve the overall experience of the user. With every update they added small little improvements but nothing beats the major upgrade to their     [Continue Reading]

iOS 7: The best app switcher concept video

iOS 7 App Switcher Concept

A few days ago I wrote an article explaining some of the most wanted feature in iOS 7. Many users are complaining the lack of customizations for their iOS devices and hoping that Apple adds a fresh coat of redesign to their 5 year old mobile operating system. The forums and communities are all bursting     [Continue Reading]

Review: Incredimail for iPad is a fast easy to use email client

Incredimail supported mail clients

A few days ago I came across a brand new iPad email client called Incredimail. The app was topping the charts in your regularly productivity section and I being a full time iPad blogger couldn’t help but give this one a try. As a blogger I get tons of emails everyday and the default iOS     [Continue Reading]

Apple updates Podcasts to Version 1.2 adding custom stations, iCloud Sync

New Podcasts app custom stations

The Apple Podcasts app is used by a wide range of audience to listen to their favorite audio and video shows. Launched last year, Podcasts is one of the best experience that acts as a hub for all your subscriptions and updates you with new episodes as they arrive. Nevertheless, the app had its fair     [Continue Reading]

Apple launching 2 step verification for Apple ID to imporve security

Apple 2 Step Verification Login System

2 Step Verification is something commonly associated with Google and looks like Apple is all set to introduce this extra layer of security to their Apple ID’s. We just got reports that suggest a 2 step login system for all your iCloud as well as Apple accounts. According to reports you will now get a     [Continue Reading]

Trello for iPad Review: Simplified Task Management App

Trello Layout for iPad

Trello is one of the most popular task management web applications that recently made their grand debut on the iPad. The app itself is an accurate representation of what you are used to on your desktop or laptop. If you are completely new to Trello then you must read this review in order to understand     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 iPad Content Aggregator Apps that can replace Google Reader

Flipboard iPad Interface

The world of RSS is taken by a storm when Google announced that they are discontinuing their famous Google Reader service. Like me, most of you must be using Google Reader to create your own personalized news aggregator. Content aggregation is one of the easiest ways to keep track of multiple favorite websites and receive     [Continue Reading]

Zite launches alternative solution for Google Reader Users

Zite Googe Reader Feeds

Zite is one of the most famous news reading service for iPad. A few months ago when I did a full review of Zite, I quickly understood how they are different from a pool of news aggregation application. Today they announced a smart alternative for everyone looking to get out of the Google Reader ecosystem.     [Continue Reading]

Free App of the Week: Little Things Forever

Little Things Gameplay

The iTunes store is offering Little Things free for all iOS users this week. Have you ever wondered about all those little minute details that we miss every day? Little Things is a search and find puzzle solving experience that forces you to strain your eye and use the brain at an accelerated level. To     [Continue Reading]

New Rumors: iPad Mini Retina to launch in April according to supply chains

iPad Mini with Box

With half the month of March over many iPad fans are getting restless about of the launch of the new iPad 5 as well as Mini Retina. Ever since the launch of their 4th generation tablet, late last year critics are claiming that Apple might shift towards a 2 dual release yearly cycle for their     [Continue Reading]

Review: Repix for iPad redefines brush painting

Repix iOS App Icon

Repix is a brand new photo retouching app that is currently taking the app world by a storm. Before writing this review I did a bit of a research about the company who created this innovative drawing application. It seems that they first got the attention of the creative world by launching a web based     [Continue Reading]