5 Tips for Scoring More in Running with Friends

Secret alleyways in Running with Friends

Zynga’s Running with Friends is a great game that takes advantage of your social circle and sets the arena for a 3 round match between you and your friends. Now that we have reviewed this app, it’s time to dig deep and share some of the tips and tricks with which you can achieve more     [Continue Reading]

Top 5 iPad Retina Wallpapers for June 2013

Mixed Signals

June is an exciting month for all you Apple fans out there. First of all we have our very own WWDC 2013 from June 10th where we are expecting the announcement of the much awaited iOS 7. Speaking of wallpapers this might just be last post because there are rumors that Apple should be looking     [Continue Reading]

Cool New App: Dots Released for iPad

Dots iOS App Icon

You probably heard about the new iOS game called Dots which is being downloaded over 3 million times in less than 2 months.  Today the developers at Betaworks Studio just launched a brand new iPad optimized version of their simplistic game. In case you are hearing about Dots for the first time then let me     [Continue Reading]

Apple Launches new iPod Touch 16GB Retina for $229

New 16GB iPod Touch Retina

Much to everyone’s surprise Apple just announced a brand new 16GB iPod Touch 4th generation model to add to their music player lineup. Last year Apple introduced the retina quality iPod Touch 5th generation with 32 and 64 GB models. However, starting today Apple will introduce this upgraded 4th generation device as the entry level     [Continue Reading]

Big Discount: 1Password available for just $8.99 (50% off)

1Password iOS App Icon

1Password is one of the costliest apps on the iOS store setting you back for a whopping $17.99 on any regular day. We are pleased to announce that the famous password protection application is on a 50% sale for the next 24 hours and you can grab it for just $8.99. If you are someone     [Continue Reading]

Review: Zynga’s Running with Friends is freakishly addictive

Running with Friends iOS App Icon

Zynga finally realized that they needed to capitalize the ever growing “Infinite runner” market. Around a week ago they launched their brand new game called Running with Friends in order to provide a refreshing experience inside a genre that is dominated by the Temple Run franchisee.  I played Running with Friends for a few hours     [Continue Reading]

Best Free Apps for Memorial Day 2013

Memorial day apps

There are lots of apps that have gone free to celebrate Memorial Day 2013. We are also including some of the latest ones that made the headlines. Click on each one of them to open the direct app store link. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this article. We are     [Continue Reading]

10 Best iOS 7 Concept Designs, what’s your favorite?

iOS 7 Concept Logo

Ever since Jonathan Ive took the responsibility of Apple’s iOS design there have been several rumors indicating a fresh new look for the upcoming iOS 7 slated to be announced at WWDC 2013. While some of the rumors are realistic and feasible, there are tons of individual designers who are not bound to any creative     [Continue Reading]

Review: Mailbox for iPad introduces a new focus mailing experience

Swipe gestures in Mailbox

I have been waiting for the launch of the much hyped Mailbox iPad app for a long time now. Ever since I saw their app launch page with an illustrative video showcasing how Mailbox differs from the rest of the pool and encourages users to have a less cluttered inbox, I was fascinated to try     [Continue Reading]

Free App of the Week: Angry Birds Space for iPad


Guess what, it’s yet another Angry Birds game that is running free this week of May. Rovio’s second last edition named Angry Birds Space is free for the next few days and has been nominated in the app of the week category for the iTunes store.  Angry Birds Space was the first game in the     [Continue Reading]

Review: Fast and Furious 6 for iPad

Fast and Furious 6 Upgrades

These days big banner Hollywood movies are running some heavyweight promotions by launching free to play tablet and smartphone games just before the actual film release. Fast and Furious 6 for iPad is no different and I waited till I saw the actual film and then downloaded the app and find out what the game     [Continue Reading]

Best Free iPad Apps for May 20th 2013

Best Free Apps May 19th 2013

We are finally back with our free apps section and here is the list for this super Sunday. Note: All app prices are confirmed at the time of writing this post. We are not responsible for sudden price changes in the future.