How to Change the Default iTunes Backup Location in Windows

iTunes mklink command

As a windows user one of the most common problem that I face every day is lack of disk storage space on my default C drive. In most cases people tend to install their Windows OS on the C Drive which should be a SSD to speed daily activity. As a result of this you     [Continue Reading]

Instagram app updated with the ability to snap 15 second videos

Instagram Video

Facebook just announced a major update to their recently acquired Instagram photo app by adding a brand new video capture functionality to it. Starting today the new version 4 for iOS will have two snapshot buttons at the bottom. The video feature allows you to snap 15 seconds of clipping and upload them in your     [Continue Reading]

Zombies Run or Kill Review for iPad

Zombies Run or Kill App Icon

There is something fascinating about the concept of killing zombies. It’s frightful and yet satisfying to kill these virtual beings in any way possible. When I first encountered Zombies Run or Kill for iPad I was not at all impressed with the way the game greeted a new user. Surprisingly, once you get past the     [Continue Reading]

Dots for iPad Updated with bigger 2x screen size and more

Dots iOS App Icon

The aura of simplicity is best defined by Dots which has already topped as the number one app in more than 8 countries. A few weeks back when they released the first iPad version of the game I was one of the first to review it and explain how you can be easily addicted to     [Continue Reading]

Apple finally posts an open letter about how they handled PRISM and customer privacy

PRISM Top Secret Program

A week ago we experienced the first digital panic when Edward Snowden of NSA explained how the American government has prepared a secret program to extract personal data of any online user without a warrant. This program, referred to as PRISM soon created a sense of disbelief, confusion and panic amongst a lot of individuals.     [Continue Reading]

AppCafe Interview: Cymbol for iPad

Cymbol for iPad Interview with Dan

Today we are launching a brand new segment on our iPad blog called AppCafe. In this section we will talk to several developers, app owners, designers etc. and ask them various questions related to their applications as well as about the iOS industry in general. For the first interview we talked with Dan who created     [Continue Reading]

WWDC 2013: Best App Design Winners Announced

WWDC 2013 Best App Design Winners

Each year at WWDC, Apple recognizes a handful of app developers with the prestigious best design award. The scene at WWDC 2013 was no different where we saw apps like Evernote, LetterPress and WWF Together emerged as winners out of more than 250,000 apps submitted on the store. We also have Yahoo Weather, Coda 2,     [Continue Reading]

Best Free Apps for June 12th 2013

Best Free Apps June 12th 2013

Here are the best free iPad apps for June 12th 2013. All prices have been confirmed at the time of writing this article. Some apps are on promotional price drops and we are not responsible for any sudden price change.          

Apple Announces iOS 7 At WWDC 2013, tons of design changes and new features

iOS 7 Multitasking Features

Apple officially announced the much anticipated iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 amidst an eager tech savvy audience. This was no surprise since there were several rumors indicating the release of the next generation mobile operating system. Like we predicted, iOS 7 is built from the ground up with a brand new flat UI (user interface).     [Continue Reading]

Apple announces new MacBook Air’s at WWDC 2013

Macbook Air performance WWDC 2013

Apple just made a big improvement to their existing MacBook Air lineup by adding the brand new Intel Haswell line of processors. The Air’s will also support the latest Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity. Although the design and rest of the configuration is pretty much the same, you should see up to 40% increase in graphical performance     [Continue Reading]

WWDC 2013 Liveblog

WWDC 2013 Liveblog

Here is our liveblog for WWDC 2013. Updates start at 1PM Eastern Time (EST). Please bookmark this page so that you can come back easily on Monday. Also make sure you read all of our WWDC 2013 articles.   Powered by Blyve

Best Free Apps for June 10th 2013

Best Free Apps June 10th 2013

Sharing some of the best free iPad apps for June 10th 2013. Check back every day for our daily dose of price drops, top recommendations and more. Please note that all prices are confirmed at the time of publishing this post and we are not responsible for any app price change in the future.