Noble Nutlings is a fantastic physics based fun racing game

Noble Nutlings iOS App IconNoble Nutlings is a fun easy to play racing game that looks a lot like Bad Piggies HD but comes with its own flair that certainly caught our attention. When you launch the game for the first time you will quickly jump into action and race to the finish line with some weird looking creatures driving themselves using a vehicle. Each track challenges you to lap the best possible time using a bunch of upgrades and a booster button placed on the lower tight hand side of the screen. What makes this game very interesting is the ability to collect coins on all the tracks and use them to purchase various upgrades for your vehicles. Upgrades basically includes a range of tyre, boost refill etc.

Sometimes you will find yourself driving a single wheeled vehicle where balance is the key factor for completing the stage real quick. If you lose your balance then it will deeply hamper the lap time since the tracks are full of ups and downs with a variety of obstacles blocking your path. The booster is really handy to launch your vehicle in air while you rotate your iPad to complete a series of backflips. Like I said before, the game really centers itself around the concept of tyre upgrades. You can also choose two different tyre tracks for each of your wheels allowing you to customize a unique combination for a particular stage. Just when you think that you have done well, there is always another way of beating that race time of yours. The timings are graded on a scale of 3 stars just like any other mobile arcade game.

Noble Nutlings Gameplay on iPad

Notable Nutlings does a great job when it comes to actual experience of racing the wide variety of tracks. . For each successful backflip that your perform in-game you are rewarded with a winning slot token. These tokens can be used to play a slot machine and take a chance to win various quick upgrades like coins, boost packs, new vehicle upgrades etc. In case you feel that you really need more coins then you can purchase them using real world cash. Sometimes you will launch yourself so high using the boost juice that you can easily complete 3 to 4 flips at one go. Other tracks require you to stick to the ground and maintain a steady rhythm in order to grab a better time. The physics engine behind the game is fabulous and no two races feel the same. The game also does a fantastic job with the general artwork and vector based graphics kinda like the Angry Birds series.

Noble Nutlings Vehicle Customization


If you are looking for a stupid logicless easy going racing adventure then Noble Nutlings is definitely the rig choice. The app is completely free and I am pretty sure that they will update with more levels real soon. Once you finish all the levels and earned enough coins, you can start challenging friends via Facebook or GameCenter.

Wrap Up

[Download Noble Nutlings for iPad]

Rating – (8/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Boomlagoon Studios

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