New Rumors: iPad Mini Retina to launch in April according to supply chains

With half the month of March over many iPad fans are getting restless about of the launch of the new iPad 5 as well as Mini Retina. Ever since the launch of their 4th generation tablet, late last year critics are claiming that Apple might shift towards a 2 dual release yearly cycle for their iPads. CNET recently conducted an interview with Paul Semenza who is an analyst from a company called DisplaySearch. According to this guy the new iPad Mini will definitely have a retina resolution of approximately 2048-1536 and we can expect the launch date to be somewhere around April. He claimed that his company got all these data from various supply chains and this news is yet another fresh coat of rumor for Apple’s highly expected debut launch event of 2013.

iPad Mini with Box

Semenza also claimed that the new iPad will most probably get their screens from LG instead of Sharp and other reputable companies. LG has been doing brilliantly with their display technology which is evident in their recent lineup of TV’s and smartphones. Apple is definitely under a lot of pressure to cope up with the heat from the Android tablet market. If Semenza is correct then we can expect the Mini with Retina Display on our hands within Q2 2013. However, it should be noted that none of the major rumor tracking sites got any confirmed reports for any start of production. If the tech giant is indeed planning for an April release we must expect more news within the next couple of days and hopefully some interesting leaked pictures from Foxconn.

I am super excited about the next generation Mini but to be honest I am putting all my chips for their flagship iPad 5. You never know when one can expect that email with an Apple subdomain at its tail inviting all of us for their next event.

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