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MyScript Calculator App IconMyScript Calculator is one of the most innovating education apps that I have ever seen since the inception of the App Store. I wished I had this app during my school examinations because it would have allowed me to complete my 3 hour maths paper in just a few minutes. The app is completely free to download and I am not all all surprised to see it topping the charts in the free section.

When you open MyScript Calculator you will see nothing except a blank grid which looks a lot like a maths graph paper. You can start writing any mathematical operations using you hand and the app will return you results instantaneously. For example you can just write 24 + 32 and then your handwriting will be converted to a standardized font with the output. However, Script Calculator has a lot to offer in terms of mathematical operations. The coolest thing about this iPad application is that you can perform almost any kind of mathematical operations no matter how complex they look. The app supports full trigonometry operations in both radians and degree outputs.

MyScript Calculator natural handwriting

Although you do not have any introductory tutorial as such, you can access to an instructions manual by tapping the top right hand button (that looks like a list). The instructions provide you with a list of mathematical operations that you can do with My Script Calculator. Other settings allow you to configure the number of decimal points for your final output. This calculator is build with such advanced algorithm and ultra accurate handwriting recognition that you need to use it in order to understand the true potential. I performed a maths operation including square roots, three level brackets, trigonometric angles etc. only to find out the exact same result as my answer script. I would say that the handwriting recognition engine is around 96 percent accurate.

Complex Equation in MyScript Calculator

One thing that the app currently does not support is algebraic equation and anything that involves a relative variable. However I feel that they might add with more solutions and support in their next update. Once your re happy with your solution you can even share it using Email, Facebook and other social networks. I tried sharing with mail and got pissed off to see that they include an image of my problem with no support for mathematical fonts. It’s hard to believe at you actually get so much for free. MyScript Calculator also has a few disadvantages as it can lure young students into using their shortcuts for instant results and not actually practicing anything on their own. If you a parent or a teacher then avoid sharing details about this app with your children or students. If you are currently in school and reading this blog post then of course you are in Luck! All you need is an iPad and you can finish your papers, homework etc. faster than the rest of your class.

Wrap Up

[Download MyScript Calculator for iPad]

Score – (9.5/10)

Price – Free

Developer – Vision Objects

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