Motoheroz HD Review for iPad

Ubisoft is a company known for making some great games for consoles and PC and like most of you when I downloaded MotoHeroz HD and saw their logo pop up for the first time I knew that this is going to be something special as well. Gladly, the game lived up to my expectations and I enjoyed each and every moment of Motoheroz HD for the iPad.

About the Game

MotoHeroz HD is a fun, adventurous racing game with some of the most amazing tracks I have ever seen. The game itself got a cartoonish feel in its graphics, menus and the overall appeal but I must say that each and every texture is prominent, giving it a very polished feel. When you start the game for the first time you will soon encounter a weird looking car where you race some of the most extreme tracks in the desert.
As you progress you will unlock new levels and earn coins which can be used to upgrade your cars.
Motoheroz Hd Ice Level
The basic architechture of the game is pretty simple where levels are divided into main themes like Desert, Jungle Space etc. Selecting each theme offers you a wide range of levels inside them. You need to finish one level at a time with atleast one star point in order to advance to the next level. Once you unlock them you can play these tracks whenever you wish but the game is designed in such a way that unlocking and competing each track is fun and immensely satisfying.
Speaking of starts, each level allows you to achieve upto a three star level kind of like those Angry Bird games. The number of stars that you earn depends on your timing. The lesser time you take to compete a track the more stars you get. These stars are vital cause they play a major role in unlocking new themed levels. For Example you need to have at least 35 Starts in your Account to unlock the Space Level.


MotoHeroz HD offers a sleek, fun adventure packed gameplay that will test your skills of reflex and fill you with loads of excitement and anticipation at every corner of the track. The controls are pretty basic where you have a forward and backward accelerator buttons on the right and car tilting buttons on the left. When I say forward and backward accelerator I mean then although the later can be referred to as brakes but in some tracks you need to drive in front and back as well. These tracks are so twisted that it is a great thing that the controls are not complicated and you can get accustomed to them in minutes.
Motoheroz HD Levels
Occasionally you will find some powerups like Boost, Frost Bite, Rockets and Spring. These powerups once collected spawns a red item button on the lower left hand of the screen and you can activate them to move faster in the tracks. Use these powers wisely and you will cover huge distance in no time at all. Each and every level allows you to collect coins that contribute to the upgrade of your vehicle. One thing you must note is the fact that upgrades are specific to each particular theme. Once you unlock a new theme you have to upgrade those new vehicles all over again.
While you race any track, you will constantly compete with a shadow vehicle of your previous best time for the track which makes the experience even more exciting. If you are on a multiplayer mode then other human players will be represented by a red shadow.
Each and every level is diverse with nice graphics and the tracks are some of the most extreme ones I have ever seen in a racing game. You got loops, high lumps, freefalls, weird angles and lots more.
Motoheroz HD Space Level


MotoHeroz HD is one of the best fun packed racing game for iPad.  The game embeds every element of a racing adventure into it and the tracks can be enjoyed for multiple times. Earning the next level of starts are immensely satisfying and the entire experience looks stunning on the new iPad. I recommend everyone to give this free game a try and opt in for hours of enjoyment.


Graphics: (9/10)
Gameplay: (8/10)
Overall Rating: (8.5/10)
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