Microsoft Office might arrive for iPad in November

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors regarding the launch of Microsoft Office for iPad. Mac Rumor reported on February that Microsoft is indeed working on a new version of their office which is optimized for the iPad.  While the news died down due to the buzz of the new iPad launch and other bigger Apple related news, but the Daily is now claiming some confirmed rumors regarding Office for iPad as they posted a picture of a prototype application that the company has been working on.
In February, Microsoft refused all their rumors suggesting that no such App is in development and their sole focus for the first part of the year is Windows 8. Now that Windows 8 is ready for it’s consumer preview and most of the development is done, the company is reported to focus back on their Microsoft Office Project for the iPad and the App might go live in early November.
Making Microsoft Office for iPad is not easy. I mean you cannot simply copy the windows interface and make all the areas touchable. You need to redesign the whole application like Powerpoint, word, excel etc. according to iPad standards with intuitive design and easy to navigate functionality.
Pricing for the iPad App is also crucial. Currently we do have some alternatives if you want to work on presentations or data sheets. For Example : Pages, Keynote and Numbers that forms the iWork bundle from Apple will cost you 30 USD while another popular all in one Office App called  Documents To-Go Office Suite costs around 17 USD. If Microsoft wants to get the majority of the iPad users to use their Application then they need to launch the App with a competitive pricing in November.
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