Microsoft Office 365 launched for iPad

Yes the wait for all you Microsoft office fanatics is finally over. Today the tech giant is releasing their much awaited Microsoft Office apps for iPad. If you are an office 365 user then you can download and start using these apps right away without any additional costs. I used it for a few minutes now and I can tell you that their iOS apps are some of the best designed productivity suites on the appstore. It’s certainly better than their own Windows 8 tablet version of the product.

As of right now you can use Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Word but you should expect more services later this year. Although the apps are free to download on your app store, you need to have an active office 365 subscription to use all their features. For example, if you are using word for iPad then you can only preview word files in the free version.

With the introduction of their office suite Microsoft is looking to attract a wide range of customers to their monthly based subscription plan. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with Satya Nadella’s first big announcement after becoming CEO of the company in 2014. Check out their cool announcement trailer below.

Download the Office Apps Now

Microsoft WordMicrosoft CorporationProductivityFreeDownload
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft CorporationProductivityFreeDownload
Microsoft PowerPointMicrosoft CorporationProductivityFreeDownload
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  1. I already own Office. I don’t want to have to buy another version just to enable the iPad version. I don’t want it tied to office 365. Just sell it as a stand alone app suite.

  2. This is a good news for iPad users that microsoft office is launched . With this launching now they can easily make their word file, excel file and many more.
    Thanks for sharing!

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