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On October 27, 2013
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King of Party provides you with multiple easy to play multiplayer minigames. You can compete in global leaderboards or against your friends. This is one app you should try on your iPad since it's free.

I have been playing a brand new game called King of Party by Codigames lately. I should say “a cluster of games” because the concept of King of Party is to provide you with an array of competitive games suitable for all ages.  Check out our full review below.

The Concept

King of Party is like your mini arcade inside the iPad where you can choose and play from a range of games that test your skills in every way possible. When you start the game for the first time you need to choose your own Avatar which will be used as the in-game character. The avatar can be customized using your in-game economy and the changes reflect throughout each of these mini games. There are lots of variety in terms of faces, clothing and other elements making sure that no two characters look the same. You start playing these games against yourself as well as on a global competitive mode. For each round you will each some cash and level up.

King of Party Front Menu

King of Party Gameplay

In the beginning you will get to choose from three different games that are quite unique from each other. You can purchase additional diamonds (another in-game economy) to unlock more games inside King of Party. Let’s talk about one of my favorite game called the Skate Run. In this game you have to use your hand gestures and avoid oncoming obstacles while skating. The difficulty increases progressively challenging you to keep going without hitting any barrier. While you can enjoy these games in practice mode, the real fun starts when you compete in all of them against your friends or other online players.

Skate Run Minigame inside King of Party

As you play more of these games you will each coins and progress to the next level. Coins are useful since you can spend them buying clothes, helmets, shoes and other stuff for your virtual avatar. Once you reach level 5 you will be eligible for competitive ranked matches. The games are simple with an easy learning curve. For example, there is a game called Balance that tests your reflex as a true gamer. You need to tilt the iPad in the opposite direction of the moving wind in order to keep your avatar balanced on a pole.

The controls are pretty responsive in all the games but the real problem lies in the lack of other players. This means most of the time you will spend doing self-training rather than competing against other gamers. Last but not the least, the biggest drawback in King of Party is that you can only play the game when you are connected to the internet. I tried launch the app without any connection to my Wi-Fi and the game wouldn’t even go past the loading screen. This means that you cannot even enjoy the practice modes to kill some boredom when you feel like.

King of Party Avatar customization


King of Party comes packed with low textured 3D graphics that sets the tone and feel for the mini-games perfectly. The best part is that your own customized avatar appears in all the games through a number of camera angles. The physics engine is moderate and could have been better. I really liked the animations especially when you fall on ground in balance or hit a ladder in Skate Run. Overall the gaming graphics is pretty good in terms of its own theme and feel.

Balance King of Party Practice Gameplay


King of Party is one of those games which might keep on your iPad for some quick competitive multiplayer action. I mean the game is pretty good in terms of its own laws of progress, the avatar customization etc. but the biggest plus point is that you get to play a wide range of games inside a single app. Just make sure you are connected to the internet every time you think about launching King of Party.

Wrap Up

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Score – (7.1/10)

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  1. I am a keen lover of arcade game and i hate those action games. Reading your review, i have kept the game to download. Thanks for sharing the review. Do keep updating about the latest games.

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