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Jetpack Joyride is an incredibly addictive game launched for all iOS devices including your iPad. The game also topped the charts for the Editor’s choice and App of the week. If you are still not familiar with Jetpack Joyride then you should know that you are missing loads of fun and adventure. HalfBrick Games did an awesome job and I love their small little character called Barry that you play with. In today’s review I am going to share everything you need to know about this arcade adventure and share some of my tips on scoring more. Instead of making the introduction long and boarding let’s get started right away.

The Plot

Jetpack Joyride is a very simple game without much of a background story or plot that describes the situation in greater details like other titles. In fact I still remember the first time I launched the application on my iPad I saw a sci-fi confidential laboratory backdrop with a message saying “Tap anywhere to start”. Even before I could realize what’s happening I saw a gigantic explosion and then the actual character ei the Jetpack in action. 

Jetpack Joyride for iPad

Later when I quit the game for the first time I kind of understood what the game was all about. Basically, this little boy (Barry) somehow steals a Jetpack that was being developed in a ugly confidential laboratory. He blows a hole in the wall and tries to escape with it. However there is no real escape here as the main objective of this game is to score as much as you can by surviving longer.

The Gameplay

As I mentioned earlier Jetpack Joyride is more of an arcade game so the makers kept things pretty simpler as far as the hardcore gameplay is concerned. As soon as the gigantic explosion happens you need to survive using your Jetpack. Sounds confusing, let me explain it to you clearly. See, you got a gadget that lets you fly, and you are on the run, so you sprint to escape from the laboratory. The controls are very simple where you just need to tap anywhere on your device to fly higher. Once you remove your finger the throttle from the Jetpack stops and gravity takes it toll directing you down towards the surface. This sounds simple but let us not forget the various obstacles that you are going to face while escaping the laboratory. First you got these yellow sparkling electric zapplers which you need to avoid. As you progress more you need to dodge more of these and then the lasers kick in. You heard me right, lasers surround your character and then releases a sudden burst of red ray with a very accurate sound. In order to dodge the lasers you need to time your move upward or downward according to the sound. Sometimes lasers attack you in full bunches covering the whole screen and then deploying the rays from any random node. Before you are struck make sure you detect a thin red frail form the node that deploys these deadly rays along with the sound of it.

If you managed to dodge the lasers as well as zapplers then there is one last arsenal to stop you from stealing the Jetpack. “The Missiles” and they are the trickiest to dodge. There are not just ordinary missile because they will first track your movement and then get deployed. The way you detect an incoming missile and it’s path is by an exclamation icon appearing on the right side of the screen. Okay, enough of obstacles and I hope by now you were thinking that if your Jetpack is enough to handle all of them, not to mention the increase in the overall gameplay speed as you progress.


The truth is that your Jetpack is not enough and therefore this game makes sure that you have loads of abilities that are widely categorized as gadgets, vehicles and rewards. Vehicles appear as a flashing gear icon on your screen that equip you with movable machines like a flying bird (known as Profit bird), a gigantic robot called Lil Stomper, a motorbike, teleporter and finally gravity changer. There are loads to choose from and these vehicles appear randomly on your game.

Apart from vehicles you also have a selection of a wide verity of gadgets which you can purchase from your stash or your in-game store. Don’t worry because you do not have to pay any real cash here. While playing a game you collect coins which can be used to purchase your gadgets. But I must tell you that there are only two slots to equip them so you need to strategize and plan what you buy. The name of the gadgets are equally fancy like that of the vehicles and sometimes it’s very hard to understand what they actually do, unless I buy them and see their implications in-game. Two of my favorite gadgets are the Flying Pig and the Gravity Suit. The flying pig allows me to collect extra coins from a pig that rains them from above. I am going to explain the gravity belt in details a little later and justify my reasons as to why they are so important and a must have n order to score more.

Jetpack Joyride Mr. Cuddles Vehicle

Finally, if you still have coins to spare then there is the Stash whet you can buy other useful items such as head start (makes you start from 750m by giving you a dash) and second chance. There are other athletically attractive items like clothes and different type of jetpacks for which you can also spend your money. If you collect spin tokens during the game then you can use them when you die to earn extra rewards which includes jackpot bonus, head starts, blasts that take you further thereby increasing your distance and many more. However its like a slot machine and there is no sure way of winning. If you wanna take things on the safer side then each spin token can be used to redeem 50 coins for various purchase in your stash.

Missions in Jetpack Joyride

No matter how engaging the gameplay, one needs to draw the gamer with some objective and achievements in order to truly sink him into the game and make every step a challenge. This is where Missions in Jetpack Joyride kicks in and boy they are fun to complete! You can access your current mission from the start menu by clicking the yellow arrow on the upper right hand corner of the screen. This is only for the first time as you can later see current missions once you are dead, from the retry menu. I have to admit I couldn’t quite understood the menu format in Jetpack Joyride but it’s not much of a hassle either. Anyways, speaking of missions this game offers missions that looks easy in the beginning but gets a lot harder as you progress.

Jetpack Joyride Missions

It may start with small stuff like collecting 100 coins, hi-five so many scientists and many more. As you complete these missions you will unlock new starts that are used to upgrade your level of expertise in Jetpack Joyride. There are various levels like novice, expert etc. and each new level requires more stats to upgrade to the next one. Missions also get a lot harder especially the last few ones where you need to run 1750m without collecting a single coin. The best part about missions is they never get boring to complete and like I said before they are immensely satisfying once you achieve them after a lot of struggle.

Tips for Jetpack players

Now that I have talked a lot about this game, let me come to one very important portion of my article where I am going to share with you some tips and tricks for scoring or rather traveling a greater distance using your Jetpack. My best score is around 5000 meters do I knows what I am talking about. If you played this game before then you must understand that it becomes immensely difficult to compete after the first two thousand meters since the speed dramatically increases and there are a lot more obstacles.

First of all, the easiest way to travel more is to buy a 750m head start or a super head start. I usually prefer the normal 750m head start because it leaves you in a part of the game where you can pick up pretty easily. However, the super head start takes you further but you might not be able to adjust to such a quick speed once you reach that distance. Also, the super head start costs more.

750 m Head Start Utility Powerup

Next, I want you to concentrate on three main vehicles, they are the Lil Stomper, profit bird and Mr. cuddles (the dragon). These vehicles are the easiest to get accustomed to and can help you travel a great distance at the initial phases. Please remember that the vehicles play a great role in reducing your game speed so make sure you grab every vehicle in-game.
Keep practicing and you will soon make a 6th sense prediction of your upcoming obstacles.


Jetpack Joyride is a solid fun to play action adventure arcade game from Halfbrick Studios that delivers unlimited hours of excitement and challenges. This iOS game is freakishly addictive and it literally engulfs you every time your switch on your iPad. The graphics are pretty retro looking and the game is powered by a deadly accurate physics engine. Jetpack Joyride is free to download and all those excitement just takes less than 40 MB of space.

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