iPad Tips: How to use Guided Access

Guided Access is one of the coolest feature in your iPad that lets you restrict certain areas of the screen from receiving touch inputs. There can be numerous real life applications of using Guided Access. This feature is useful width persons having certain disabilities, parents trying to restrict their kids and so on. In this blog post I will teach you everything you need to know about using Guided Access on your device. Please keep in mind that this is a brand new feature of iOS 6 so you need to make sure you are running the current version.

Steps for Activating Guided Access

1. Go to your Settings and tap General. On the right hand column of the general setting segment you will find another tab called Accessibility. Tap on it and scroll down till you see Guided Access under the heading of Learning.

Guided Access Location

2. Once you are inside the guided access panel you will find a two way slider that lets you activate the guided access feature on your iPad. Turn it ON.

3.  Next, you will see two new option on the screen jut after activating the feature. You can now set a per-defined password which is required to quit the iOS system from the guided access screen. If you do not set a password you will still be prompted to enter one when you are trying to start the iPad access restriction.


4. You can turn the “enable screen sleep” feature ON if you want your iPad to lock itself upon pressing the power/wake button. If you leave this off the screen will never dim out even if you press the lock button.

5.  Now that your settings are properly configured, go to any application and triple click the Home Button. The Guided Access feature will pop open. See image below

Access configuration panel

6. Draw an area on the screen that you wish to restrict from any touching activity. Just make a rough gesture with your fingers because your Apple iPad is intelligent enough to understand the area you are wishing to restrict. There are two sliders on the bottom section that lets you turn on touch disabilities and orient rotation. Once you are happy with your selection tap “Start” on the top right corner of the screen.

7. Kudos! Guided Access is now up and running on your iPad. No matter what happens the restricted areas will not receive any touch inputs.  At any given point triple tap the home button again to bring up the main panel and select “End” on the top left of the screen to close this feature.

Practical Uses of Guided Access

Although created for people having accessibility problems, guided access can be used in a lot of useful ways on your iPad.

  • When your children are playing with your tablet, you can draw small squares on various parts of the screen marking useful applications like Mail and Calendar. Just make sure that you keep the orientation lock ON.
  • While using your iPad as a mirror to see yourself Guided Access can be of Greg assistance if you block the camera icon and links to photo stream on your screen. This ensures that you do not click any photo or launch other applications while you admire yourself.
  • When you switch off touch deactivation the black areas can simply be used as reference points for dreaming, typing etc.

Special Notes

  • When orientation lock is disabled the access areas will change once switched from portrait to landscape or vice-versa. This happens because the regions remains constant on your iPad.
  • If you do to set a predefined password you will be prompted to enter it when launching this feature. Please make sure that you remember the password.
  • The lines drawn for restricted access can also be dragged to resize them accordingly.

I hope you found our Guided Access tutorial useful. As stated before, this new feature can be used in a lot of creative ways and you might discover a completely new way of using it. If you have any questions or you are finding trouble using it, please comment your doubts below.


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