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Safari is Apple’s own browser that comes pre-loaded with every new iOS device. From time to time Apple made a series of improvements to their browser in order to retina the number one position in the mobile internet user statistics. If you are data ting out with an iPad then the chances are you are already using it to access the web without any other external applications. In this guide we are going to cover everything you need to know in order to master the usage of Safari for your daily use. We will categorize this segment into two parts, the browser settings in your iOS settings panel and the general things which you can do within Safari itself. Without wasting anymore time lets start explaining you all the different things in an easy to understand step by step method.

Different elements of Safari Browser

Tap on the Safari browser icon to launch it. If you haven’t altered the default position of your apps then it’s the first icon on the lower bottom tray.

You will be greeted with a blank webpage. If you were using the browser before then the last page that you visited will automatically load up on your iPad screen. Every time you close Safari please ensure that you are closing the individual tabs because they are automatically stored in the iPad memory. This means that even if you are exiting the app completely, the web pages will still load up the next time you launch Safari. While this is great for an individual user, this can lead to many problem with privacy if other users play around with your iPad.

Safari Top Bar

The top bar contains all the essential options for controlling the Safari browser on your iPad. Lets illustrate each of them in details:

Navigation buttons – the two dedicated navigation buttons on the left side of your browser allows you to go back and forward through your browsing pages.

Reading List – The reading list feature was added recently where you can save any webpage and access the content offline. The mechanisms are pretty similar to a convention read later app except the fact that the feature comes default with Safari. In this panel you can also access your bookmarks and history by tapping their respective tabs. The reading tab has two options which allow you to see all your saved pages or just the ones that you still didn’t open.

iCloud Tabs – the power of iCloud enabled you to see a list of all your opened browser tabs across all your devices.

Dedicated Share Button – This button allows you share any webpage with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also print and add webpages to your home screen. Safari for iPad supports iOS AirPrint with just about any Wi-Fi printer. There are dedicated buttons for copy, add to bookmarks and read later. In a nutshell this panel is your one stop solution for sharing anything from Safari on your iPad.

Address Bar – here you can enter the full URL of any website you want to visit. safari supports auto-complete feature if any given page from the same domain is stored in your history. Autocomplete also works for popular domains like Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia etc. even if your history is empty. If you are visiting a blog page on any website then then dedicated reader button enables a distraction free reading experience. A small circular button at the edge of the address bare allows you to reload any webpage.

Search Bar – the search bar enables you to search any keyword from your most favorite search engine. This area will also display a list of your most recent searches.

Tabs – you can browse multiple webpages at the same time using tabs. Just tap the grey plus button on the right edge of your screen to open new tab Nd start browsing. Plea keep in mind that in iOS webpages don’t load up in the background.

iOS Safari Settings for iPad

Until now I talked only about the Safari browser app for your iPad. Now we are going to dig deep into the Safari settings and show you some cool customization and options that are often neglected by most iOS users. In order to access all the options go to your Settings Panel and scroll down till you find the segment for Safari.

iPad Safari Settings Panel

Search Engine

The first option allows you to change the default search engine for the search bar. Just tap it and select from one of either Google, Bing or Yahoo.


Here you can tweak certain autofill options for your browser. Autofills are used for quickly filling out survey or contact forms without having to type in all the information manually. You can change the following:

Use Contact info – enable or disable the us of your contact information for filling up web forms.

My info – by default you should have your own name listed under my info. This is the information your iPad is going to use in order to fill the forms with details. If you need to change it to someone else then tap your name and select another profile from your contacts.

Names and Passwords – this section allows you to specify whether the Safari browser will store your login information for different websites.

Clear all – tap this button if you ant to clear all saved passwords.

Safari Autofill Settings in iOS

Open new tabs in background

This option allows you to open and load webpages in the background. You can slide to disable it.

Always show Bookmarks Bar

This feature is turned off by default. If you activate it you will get a dedicated bookmarks bar on your Safari browser.

Private Browsing

This is one of the coolest features of iOS Safari. If you activate private browsing none of your vista webpages will be recorded in history. The entire browser turns black indicative that you are now in anonymous mod. Also, there will be no data tracking to serve relevant ads.

Accept Cookies

You can toggle the settings for accepting cookies in your browser. I highly suggest that you keep it to the default settings from visited websites.

Clear History

Tap this button to clear all browsing history within Safari on your iPad. Please keep in mind that if you are using other browsers on your device then their respective history will not be deleted.

Clear Cookies and Data

Tap this button to delete all cookies and data. You will loose all web cache, autofill etc. Pages saved under read later will not be affected.

Fraud Warning

Never turn off the fraud warning. This allows Safari to monitor and stop potential malicious attacks on your iPad.


This slider enables you to toggle the loading of JavaScript for your browser. If you turn this off, none of the JavaScript powered websites will load up properly.

Block Pop-ups

This is yet another security feature inside Safari browser. I highly recommend that you keep it ON at all times. This enables your browser to black spammy pop-ups that may contain a virus or any unwanted content.

Advanced settings

Safari for iOS also enables you to do some advanced customization. You should only visit this tag only if you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. Here are the two options:

Website Data – the website data panel is found under advanced settings tab. This allow you to delete individual cookies and cache from a particular website. Just tap the edit button on the top right corner and start deleting each tab.

Web Inspector – this is a web development tool for developers. If you connect your iPad to a PC or Mac then you can use Safari as a testing environment for all your web absurd projects.

Safari individual website data

This concludes our Safari settings guide for your iPad. We covered every possible topic so make sure you go through the entire thing and jump back to relevant sections within this post. If you are having any doubts or problems then please feel free to ask your queries in the comments section below. You can also check some of our other iPad tips and tricks to learn more about iOS and it’s hidden features.

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