iPad Mini White color Pre-orders sold out within hours

On October 23rd Phil Schiller introduced the much speculated iPad Mini at the California Theatre in San Jose. Packed with a 7.9 inch screen and the same resolution of 1024-768 pixels, the iPad Mini is developed in such a way that they can run all the native custom tailored apps initially built for iPad 2. Apple also said that pre-orders for the new tablet will start next Friday (meaning today). It is no surprise that Apple fan boys were waiting for this big day, ready to pounce on their fair share of iPad Mini as soon as the pre-order system goes live.

ipad mini every inch an ipad

Indeed, as we have seen within the first few hours Apple announced that they initially sold all the White colored iPad Mini just from online pre-orders in their website. Although the company has not confirmed any numbers but it is obviously expected in millions. After the first few minutes, the shipping time shifted to 2 weeks and then it was a case of announcing that the entire stock of production is booked for the USA market.

The black version is still available at the same target date of November 2nd. We are eagerly waiting for Apple to come up with exact numbers and figures as this might as well set another world record in the history of retail.

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  1. Ethan Samuel says:

    I have booked my Pre-order for white color as black color sold out in market and I am still waiting for black color in same pics.

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