iPad App Review: Zite Personalized Magazine

Zite App IconNowadays the Apple App Store is filled with tone of RSS and news readers for your iPad. Amongst such a wide catalog to choose from, Zite for iPad stands out because of its unique and simplistic approach in organizing content that you love to read and share. In this review I am going to cover an in-depth analysis of the app a determine whether its the best reader out there or not.

When you launch Zite for the first time you will be presented with a screen that features lots of topics that you can add to your reading list. This section is called “Explore” which can later be accessed by tapping the search icon throughout the application. After your re done adding some topics you will be presented with a brief tutorial of some of the basics of using Zite on your iPad. If your are familiar with any other news or RSS reader like Flipboard then you will understand everything in no time.

One of the bet thing I love about Zite is their simplistic design and font choice to display the news. On top there is a universal bar showing the main section that you are browsing. Zite works perfectly both in portrait and landscape mode. You can swipe your finger from left to right to browse mover related news inside a given topic or section. If you wanna read about something specific then tap the list icon on the top right hand corner of the screen. This will bring out your quick list consisting of the topics you are more interested in. You can edit your own quick list as you please and add new topics from your explore hub. Like I said before, tapping a topic will update the app with recent news and posts specific to it.

Zite Explore Topics

Zite offers a comprehensive way of reading the daily news and favorite RSS. Unknown to many, the app comes built in with an intelligent suggestion system that adapts according to their user. On each section you can slide the contents from a story either up or down. Sliding inside Zite is your way of sharing whether you like a content or not. Slide a story down to displace it and the app will remember not to bombard you with more such related articles in the future. Slide it upwards to like and recommend Zite to show more such stories. This innovative new way of sharing what you love is fun to play with. Topics can themselves be given a love sign in order to favorite them.

When you tap on a story or news you are presented with a clean white page that contains the full story along with complete pictures. I do not know the exact font name but its a well space Seriff font. At the bottom you have a fixed bar that comes packed with a bunch of settings, navigation and sharing tools. You can tap the settings icon to adjust the font size and the content automatically rearranges itself to fit into your iPad screen. The share button lets you share any particular news in your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pocket. Finally you can like or dislike a post directly from the full view panel and shift to the next story with just a single tap . Overall, the compact bottom bar is rely helpful and ensures you have all the useful tools and functions at your fingertips.

Zite for iPad landscape layout


Zite for iPad really redefines the saturated app category of news readers. The clear spaced font, elegant white design and the useful bottom toolbar ensures that you never miss an important update from the topics you like the most. The new sliding way of liking and dialing stuff is fun to play with, considering the fact that your news feeds also gets tailored depending on these parameters. Overall Zite is a free app for iPad and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get a relief from the dominant Flipboard application and try a new way of reading news.

Final Score – (8/10)

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