iOS 8 Confirmed for WWDC 2014, new banners are up at Moscone

WWDC 2014 is all set to kick off on June 2nd and we are getting latest reports of fresh banners indicating the first look of iOS 8. Apple is expected to showcase iOS 8 at Moscone Center on Monday with early access to developers by the end of June. However, we are pretty confident that Apple is going to time the public launch of iOS 8 with their new iPhone event somewhere in the last quarter of 2014. The brand new banners for the next-generation operating system are up at the venue and the text looks quite similar to last year’s design overhaul.

iOS 8 Banner for WWDC 2014

We heard several rumors about iOS 8 indicating a fresh new approach to multitasking, a dedicated app called healthbook as well as few tweaks and upgrades to take advantage of the supposed bigger iPhone 6 screen.

A famous designer named Joseph Machalani unveiled a new video showcasing a concept called iOS Blocks that allow you to take a peek inside any application and change the tile size to something larger for more information. The concept is quite reminiscent of Windows 8’s tile interface but you should definitely check out the video below. As a matter of fact I personally shared my own iOS 8 concept for a new control center.

The rumors are going to get louder and mouthful with each passing day now. Apart from iOS 8 we also saw pictures of banners for the brand new OSX version. I am pretty excited about WWDC 2014 and I cannot wait for the event to kickstart on Monday morning.

OSX 10.10 banner WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014 Banner Outside Moscone Center

Image Credits: TheVerge

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