iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers: Everything you need to know

With iOS 7 Apple introduced a brand new way of defining depth by adding a parallax effect to your wallpapers. If you haven’t used iOS 7 yet, then you can download the update and start experiencing the effect first hand by moving your device. The way parallax works is that the entire image is cropped from all the images, as you move your iPad the hidden parts of the images are visible alongside your motion giving you a sense of depth between the layers of your background and icons. The effect is so cool that sometimes it gives you the sense of using a 3D like display. Today we are going to explain everything you need to know about wallpapers in iOS 7.

Setting your Wallpapers

  • Setting your own wallpapers is easy. Go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Select “Choose Wallpaper” by tapping the wallpaper images.
  • Now you have the option of selecting Apple Wallpapers: Dynamic as well as stills or you can choose from the camera roll & photo stream.
  • Dynamic Wallpapers can be compared to Android live wallpapers and looks cool on your iPad. Both dynamic as well as stills showcase the parallax effect when you move your iPad.
  • From the final screen you can select whether to choose the image for home screen, lock screen or both. Personally we think that you should have single wallpaper for both the screen since it gives a cohesive experience.

iOS 7 Wallpaper Settings Area

Creating your own Parallax Wallpapers

The good thing about iOS 7 is that you can create and set your own customized parallax wallpapers. The way you do this is super easy and require some basic photoshop skills.

  • In order to create parallax wallpaper for the retina display on your iPad, open a new file in photoshop and set the dimensions at 2448 by 2448 pixels. The extra pixels will help you with the parallax effect.
  • You can either create your own custom graphic or resize any existing wallpaper to make it ready for iOS 7. Just make sure that you resize uniformly. Parallax works best with stock images that are greater than the size mentioned above.
  • Parallax Wallpaper Sizes for other devices

iPad 2nd Generation/ iPad Mini – 1424 * 1424
iPhone 4S – 1360 *1040
iPhone 5 – 1536 * 1040

How to disable parallax effect in iOS 7

In order to disable the parallax effect go to Settings > General > Accessibility> Reduced Motion > Turn it On.

OS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Disable

This concludes our tips and tutorials for everything related to iOS 7 wallpapers.

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