iOS 7 Notifications: New Features & Settings Tutorial

One of the most distinguished changes with the introduction of iOS 7 is a brand new format for the notifications panel. Not only does the notifications panel comes in a beautiful translucent background but now you have three different sections that lets you track all your notifications with ease. In this tutorial I am going to explain everything about this new notifications format in iOS7 and also show you the different settings you can tweak in order to adjust the panel to your liking.

Understanding the 3 Different Notifications Area

Once you pull down the notifications panel you will see three different tabs called Today, All & Missed on top. You can tap on each one of them or swipe your finger to mode between these sections. Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on and why Apple segmented this area in iOS7.

iOS 7 notifications area

Today – This segment shows your daily appointments and other basic information like temperature and weather. The appointments are added from apps like Calendar, Reminders etc. and it’s really easy for you to get a good glimpse of every working day. At the bottom of the today panel you also get a glimpse of tomorrow’s schedule.

All – This segment showcases all your notifications like you are used to with the traditional iOS 7 style. App Updates, Push notifications, mails etc. can be found in this area.

Missed – This is a handy little segment in the iOS 7 notifications area where you get a list of everything you probably missed while you were away from your iPad. For Example, if you set a calendar reminder for 4.30 PM and you wake your iPad at 5PM then the missed section will list your appointment. It also accumulates important mails and has an API which can be used by developers.

iOS 7 Notification Settings

In this segment we will show you the various settings option available for your iOS 7 notifications area. The first thing you need to do is go inside settings and tap the notifications tab on the left side. This will display a list of toggle options for configuring your notifications panel. Below I will explain the function of the most important options.

iOS 7 Notifications Settings


Disabling Today View – Like I said before the new notifications area features a today mode where you can track everything for a particular day. If you are not fond of this new layout then you can disable it by toggling the today view slider.

Customizing Today View – In case you decided to keep the today view mode you can even customize the look and feel of the area. You can toggle the summery, calendar view, tomorrow summery and reminders.

Notification View – This option is the same as iOS 6 where you can toggle whether you want to see the notifications based on time or sorted manually.

This is a short introductory guide to notifications in iOS 7. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below. We will cover various areas of iOS 7 in some of our upcoming tutorial. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates.

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