iOS 7 Concept: Widgets, Mission Control & Quick Messages

Last week when I reported about a brand new iOS 7 concept video many designers were inspired by it. Today I have yet another concept video (this one is more detailed) by F. Bianco showcasing some of his greatest ideas and concepts for the upcoming iOS 7. According to latest rumors it looks like Phil Ivy is working in collaboration with the Mac engineering team with the hope of redesigning the entire look and feel of their OS. If you look closely one thing that you cannot deny is the fact that there has been little design improvement ever since the introduction of iOS in 2008.

The video shows how you can get inspired from some of the features present on your Mac and bring them on iOS. For Example there is one part where you use a gesture to bring forth mission control for your iPad or iPhone. With mission control there is the possibility to use multiple virtual screens on your device but this would certainly require a lot of RAM. I also liked the fast quick message concept where you don’t need to go inside the messages app in order to reply someone. You can use the swipe to right gesture and a small screen pops up allowing you to type and send messages without leaving the lock screen. This system can be implemented in case of notifications or when you are inside other applications.


The next demonstration in this video was something called widgets. This is yet another cool concept with lots of potential to rejuvenate the iOS 7 experience. As the video suggests, you need to double tap every app icon to launch their respective widgets. These widgets show a summary of the essential elements of the application. Finally, you also witness an interesting concept called the “Shelf” that stores all your downloadable content under a unified folder like structure.  Let me know what you think of the entire video in general.

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