iOS 7 Beta 4: Everything you need to know

Apple just released another update for their ongoing iOS 7 beta testing. The latest iOS 7 beta 4 is a major update adding lots of new features and improvements. With this edition the new OS is looking more polished than ever.  With the iOS 7 Beta 3 I experienced a lot of crashes and freezes that seems to disappear after the update. Here are some of the improvements and new additions in iOS 7 Beta 4.


Swipe Notifications – If you have been using iOS 7 then you must be familiar with the three levels of notifications that can be accessed by tapping the individual tabs. Well, now you simply swipe your finger to move back and forth different segments.

Icon Redesign – Some of the icons like the Safari web browser and the default mail app is redesigned with a slight change in their color tone.

LockScreen Redesgin – The lock screen in iOS 7 is the first glimpse of the flat themed design. The new lock screen comes with an arrow beside the words “Slide to Lock”. The text itself glows like previous versions of iOS.

Siri Suggestions – When you ask a question to Siri in iOS 7 Beta 4 then it automatically pulls up a list of other suggested questions.

Screenshot API – This is probably the most talked about feature with the release of the latest iOS 7 beta. Developers can use the screenshot API and optimize their apps in order to control the look and animations when a user takes a screenshot within their individual applications.

These are some of the most notable features in iOS 7 Beta 4. Apart from these there are tons of bugfixes and improvements that increased the overall stability and provided a much smoother experience. I think this this should be the final beta release before the official launch this year.

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