iA Writer Updated for iPad with brand new look

There is no doubt that iA Writer is the first choice for authors, bloggers and journalists when it comes to writing for long hours. There is something magical about iA Writer because it makes you write more and more without losing focus. Be it the typewriter inspired font or the simple white page with no distractions, this app is used by millions of iPad users on a daily basis. iA Writer just introduced a major update that brings in lots of new features and improvements. The first thing you will notice is a sleek black bar on top with the same options as before. The font size in the landscape mode is a bit small allowing you to see more lines of your content. I really liked this handy little improvement.

New iA Writer Black Bar

If you are a regular iA Writer user then you will also realize a handful of updates to the accessory keyboard (the top bar with useful shortcuts). Now you can add a colon, jump between words more efficiently like never before. A major bug that prevented you from editing the file name of a blank document is now fixed. If you are a writer and have never used this gorgeous simplistic app then make sure you give it a try. Below is a list of all improvements in their new version:

– Enhanced look and feel
– New iCloud engine and UI
– New accessory keyboard*
– Improved text editing
– Improved file browser
– Improved conflict resolution
– Automatic encoding conversion
– Scrolling improvements
– Optimized landscape mode*

*iPad only

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Advanced Keyboard Icons in iA Writer App

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