How to solve error 3194 in iTunes

Whenever you are trying to upgrade or downgrade the iOS of your Apple device one common error that many people face is the famous error 3194 problem. If you are one of those who are struck during restoration of your device due to this particular problem then I am happy to inform you that this post will cover all the necessary steps you need to take in order to fix error 3194 and make sure your iOS device do not get stuck on the restore screen.

error 3194 message

What is Error 3194 ?

Error 3194 is a warning message that is generally displayed inside iTunes whenever you are trying to restore or update a jailbroken device. If you have been updating your iPad from 5.1.1 to iOS 6 then the chances are you might have encountered it. The error message shows a statement that tells that your Apple device cannot be restored due to unknown reasons. Many people feel that they have done some mistake with their iOS download and starts the process all over again but the truth is they will still encounter this problem. 3194 is caused when iTunes uses your Internet connection to validate the legitimate Apple servers. Whenever these servers find out that you are trying to update a jailbroken device you will encounter this problem.

Steps for fixing 3194

  1. Open your hosts file in your PC/Mac. For PC go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. If you are using Mac then follow the steps for editing your hosts here.
  2. Add a line (Just Copy Paste this at the end of your hosts file)
  3. Save your hosts file and restart iTunes
  4. Now connect your iPad or iPhone and restore them normally. You will not get the error message.

The fix is rather a tricky one and I will explain you what exactly you are doing. Basically your hosts file determines a bunch of network preferences for a particularly computer. By adding the line given in step 2 you are telling the computer to validate the iPad or any iOS device using a different server. This step is crucial for bypassing the error message. Once the validation is tricked, there is no other step where Apple will try to determine the settings required for a clean restore or iOS upgrade.

Note: After successful restore or upgrade please add a #tag in front of the new line you entered. So it should look like # This is done to deactivate the Apple server alteration and avoid any complication during running iTunes normally.

Other reasons for 3194

Although 99 percent 3194 errors happen due to apple validations, there can be some other reasons as to why error 3194 occurs. First and foremost please make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. Also recheck your host area to see if there is any other IP address assigned to the name If so simply add a # in front of it. This basically comments out the line and makes it inactive.Sometimes you can also solve the problem by running a registry cleaner on your computer. Use CCleaner as the software is light and does the job pretty well.

Thanks for reading my posts and I hope this proved useful in solving error 3194. If you are till facing any problems then please feel free to ask anything in the comments section below. I will be happy to help you with all your queries.

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  1. I added the addresses specified in the host file and I did # where needed and did cleaning Register
    And nothing helped iPhone always in dfu and getting the same error always
    What can we do more?
    Thanks Oh and I have the latest version of iTunes

    • rahul247rocks says:

      First please ensure no other apple entries are there in your hosts file. And the # should only be added to deactivate the apple servers after you have successfully solved 3194. Remove the # and then delete all other apple related entries from your hosts. Save it and restart your PC. Then plug your iTunes and make sure that you downloaded the iSPW for your iPhone. Btw can you tell me exactly which iPhone you are using. you need to select iPhone ISPW from the iTunes upgrade/restore area.

      • maz bagoes says:

        can you write your host … and we can copy that …. which one must be clear all host ???

        • rahul247rocks says:

          “” This is the line you need to find.

          • The answer is simple to those having problems with editing hosts file. If you right click then properties. You will see it is read only’. Unclick this then apply. Finally make the changes to the file and save under file drop down in left hand upper corner. Finally reboot pc and open hosts file again and make read only again and apply. You are then good to go :-)

    • Where do i copy and past the numbers and gs

      • Rahul Ghosh says:

        Inside your hosts. If you are using Windows it’s in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. Make sure that you turn on “Show hidden files and folders” in Folder Option.

  2. Hi. Im trying to restore my iPod touch iOS 5.1.1 to 5.1.1 will this work?

  3. The host files won’t let me save it even tho I’m an administrator . It just let’s me save it to my documents . Help please . Having this problem on 2 iPads my phone and an iPod touch 4g

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Go to the hosts location and make sure you open it with Notepad or a Text Editor for Mac…then after changing it as instructed in my post select “File” then “save”

    • aymanmandour says:

      Copy the hosts file to another location for example desktop , edit it and save and copy and paste it back to the original location, replace file , you are done

    • rahul247rocks says:

      please type in Google “How to run Windows as Admin” follow any tutorial. You cannot set the hosts file because your current account does not have admin rights.

  4. error 21

    • rahul247rocks says:

      I made a post specifically for Error 21. U can find it on our iPad Tips section. If you are still having trouble please let me know.

  5. Should we restart the comp or only itunes?

  6. Dear Rahul, your tips seem solid and I suppose they work.
    However my iPad 2,2 GSM 5.1.1 9B206 cannot be restored.

    I had jb’d with absinthe and everything seemed ok

    From one moment to the other I was faced with the “continuous cycle” after the Apple logo.

    From then on I have tried restoring, but despite all info gathered and solutions used, I’m still getting 3194.

    It is now in a reboot loop.

    I have followed your instructions exactly to the point over and over and I’m tired.

    I think I will just try to upgrade to iOS 6 and forget jb.

    If you have another suggestion please let me know

    Regards, Evert Dinmahomed

    • rahul247rocks says:

      You have entered into a reboot loop and you need to follow my steps carefully to solve the problem.

      Go to Google and type “Tiny Umbrella” and download the latest version on your computer.

      Then run the software and make sure your iPad is connected to your PC. Select “Run TSS Server” After that you will find a button below that says “Exit Device out of Recovery” click on it. Your device will work normally.

      I had the same problem once. If you are still facing any problem then let me know.

  7. I am using Pc and there is no hosts file. Help

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Go to C Drive then go to the Folder called Windows> System 32> Drivers> etc> Hosts. If you still cannot find it make sure you make all hidden folder visible in folder settings.

  8. Dude i’m doing all of the steps that you mention and i still get the 3194, what do i do now?

    • rahul247rocks says:

      can you copy paste the last line that says something here…only the last line exactly

      • should it look like this? : # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.


        # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.


        # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each

        # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should

        # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.

        # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one

        # space.


        # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

        # lines or following the machine name denoted by a ‘#’ symbol.


        # For example:


        # # source server

        # # x client host

        # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.

        # localhost

        # ::1 localhost


        • rahul247rocks says:

          put a # in front of the last line and try to install the IPSW…make sure you save your hosts, restart the PC and then check once again to confirm that the # is still there. Should look like #

      • AJ Barracoso says:

        Hello! Thank you for your info. My iPhone 5 has been acting out weird after the iOS update. When it got stuck in the restore/recovery mode, I tried researching on it over the net to bypass it. Little did I know the bypassing was a form of “jailbreaking” the phone thus, once apps like tinyumbrella (as suggested on YouTube) are installed, the error occurred.
        I did a clean restore and used my previous backup and loaded it. It was successful. My question is, is my phone still considered jailbroken? Will I have future issues regarding this?
        Thanks a lot for your help :)

        • rahul247rocks says:

          If you did a complete restore then your phone is not jailbroken and you will have no future issues with any updates from Apple.

  9. i still can’t fix my problem. please help me!

  10. morti si raniti mati cu cacatu tau de tutorial bagami-asi pula in toata mata aia curva cu cacat la cur si sa se pise pe ia cu sperma mea

  11. john foster says:

    no this hasn’t been working for me. i did everything that has been advised throughout the main artical and in the comments thread but i am still left with the error. i am using the latest itunes i did restart my pc after editing the hostfile. i did copy and paste the line in from these pages and i have used cc cleaner to clean the registry. could it be becuase i am in the uk and a different host is used here? i dont know what to do is there any other methods for removing the jailbreak

    • rahul247rocks says:

      can you see the complete hosts file below. All the lines with needs to be commented out using a # at the beginning of the line. Sometimes there can be duplicate lines so check you hosts once again. It’s got nothing to do with UK cause the main objective here is to make sure that Apple does not verify your iPad using the internet. If you are still having some problem then you can call me in Skype at: funfusion999. Share your screen once and I might be able to help you.

  12. error 3004

    • rahul247rocks says:

      I guess you are using Mac. If you are using a Mac, you may be able to resolve an error 3004 by quitting iTunes and using the following command at the command line:dscacheutil -flushcache

  13. and my phone is on display itunes contact
    Plz help me?

  14. hey dude, i’m having the same problem with the 3194 errror when i try to reset to 4.3.3 with a 4.10.01 baseband. i’m oversees and i dont have a att@t sim card is that part of the problem. i followed all your steps but the error keeps showing up.
    please help!

    • rahul247rocks says:

      did you download the proper IPSW for your device? Also make sure you are adding the line74.208.105.171 to your hosts file and try again.

  15. does this work with the new itunes? i’m doing exactly what you’ve explain, but still getting the error message. My jb messed was fine until i ran cydia for the first time it said something about filesystem and once it rebooted all the icons were gone only the newstand was there. I’m going from iphone4S 5.1.1 to 5.1.1

  16. lol i cant change te host file when i save it it make another file named host.txt help please :)

    • rahul247rocks says:

      This is because of admin problems in Windows. You need to get admin priviledges. Google it up. Then you can save hosts.

  17. followed instructions to the letter SAME ERROR APPEARS 2013

  18. it did not work, still giving me the same error

    • rahul247rocks says:

      when you are reconnecting the device make sure that it’s in DFU mode or else it won’t update. Also if your device is jailbroken then you need to download the proper IPSW for your iOS version. Without this it won’t work.

  19. Hey, i need your help. I ve tried to restore 5.1.1 to 5.1.1. but i got an error 13194 all the time, i’ve done all i could but still it wont fix :/ help

  20. I did everything you said and still getting 3194 error message when trying to update to 6.1 software from 6.0 on all my idevices. I have also cleaned my registry

  21. Hi Rahul, i tried all the steps mentioned above but still getting the same error. i have an iphone 4 with 6.0 and i am stuck with this error since i have a tethered jailbreak. i would like to remove jail break and tried restoring to same os and also tried 6.0.1 but still no luck

    • rahul247rocks says:

      make sure nothing is running under port 80 of your network. Programs like Skype and Teamviewer can cause error 3194.

  22. Victor M. says:

    Hello, Rahul. I’ve tried all you’ve recommended and it hasn’t work. Error 3194 is still happening with me. I’ve done everything, really. I have a jailbroken iPad 2 Wi-Fi in iOS 5.0.1, and tried updating it. Error 3194 has been a part of my day since then. I’ve done everything, really everything you’ve suggested. Any other suggestions?

  23. xXBECHiRXx says:

    it dos int work pleas help pleas

  24. i had error 21 at the beginning now i have error 3194 i copied and pasted the address in my hosts file and i still have the same problem error 21 i also have the correct IPSW downloaded and still nothing what can i do

  25. helped allot, thank you!

  26. See this>>

    hope that helps

  27. i cant find host file in etc.
    i have xp.

  28. Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

  29. So sry ,I have done the step u teach,but still occur the 3194error , what should I do ?

  30. Welll ,now I have face another problem, error 3004 -.- the 3941error already fix ….help me ASAP please

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