How to share your iPad screen on a PC

The iPad is a great little device which is currently the trendsetter in the tablet industry. People love the iPad because of its elegant design and simple to use iOS operating system. There is nothing that you can’t do with it especially when the whole community is backed by a large group of talented developers who creates some of the most amazing applications catered for the tablet. Although I get a lot of questions about iPad streaming, airplay and screen sharing there is one particular topic that is running hot among the user community. The question is “How do I share my iPad Screen on PC in real time?” Well, there are several ways to do that but I am going to share the simplest and easiest methods in order to share your iPad screen.

Things you need

  • An iPad
  • A PC
  • A Router that is connected to your PC and make sure your iPad can get access to the same network


1. Open your browser from your PC and simply go to Reflector App’s Official Website and download their software for Windows. You can either buy the full version that lets you record your screen on PC or simply go for the trial version (free) that has a stream limit of 10 minutes.

2.Once your download is complete go ahead and install Reflector on your computer and launch the application.

Note: sometimes the application may run in the background so you need to go the task manager and double click the icon in order to open its interface. The interface looks something like the picture given below.

 Reflection App Settings Panel

3. From the options select Optimize for iPad (1024 -789) and type a name for your network. In my case it is RAHUL-PC. You may or may not set a password. Check everything and hit the OK button.

4. Now open your iPad and double tap your Home Screen to bring the Apps running in the background. Swipe to the left where you have the volume and iTunes controls. Just to the left of the volume control you will now see a new Airplay icon.

ipad Airplay Mirroring Option

5. Select the icon and select your network that you set up in your PC using ReflectorApp. If you have a password enter that and finally slide the mirroring button to turn it on.

6. That’s it, you will see your iPad screen getting streamed live on your PC. Now you can use additional software like Camtesia Studio to record it.

Thanks for viewing this tutorial I Hope this solves your problem. If you are getting stuck somewhere please clarify your doubts in the comments section below. Also, share this tutorial with your friends who are looking to stream their iPads on PC’s as well.

About the Author

I am the creator of The New iPad Blog. I wanted to share some of the best iPad tutorials, authentic reviews and other fruitful information regarding iPad. I love Apple and want to help spread the usefulness of their tablet. Follow me in Google+ to get instant help for any iOS problems. Besides blogging I like travelling and hanging out with my friends.


  1. Hello, I have a question for you. Do you need to install the app in both devices (PC and IPad) or only in the PC? Great tutorial by the way, just what I was looking for!!!!!!

    • rahul247rocks says:

      You just need to install this in your PC..then you will get a new Airplay icon on the iPad. I hope you know where to find the Airplay Icon.

      • where can i find airplay? it doesnt show in my task bar…..

        • rahul247rocks says:

          The Airplay icon will only appear when your reflection is properly setup. See first install Reflection and then run it on your computer and make sure that your iPad and your PC/Laptop in which Refection is running is on the same Wi-Fi Network. Then swipe four fingers up on your iPad and then swipe left towards the iTunes Control Menu… there you will find the new Airplay icon appearing. If you have any problem let me know I can also show you a tutorial in case you fail to figure it out.

          • i am having trouble.. my pc is hard wired to my router. and my ipad2 is on the wifi.. i installed reflector on the pc and that seems fine… i just cant get the “airplay” to show up on the ipad… what am i doing wrong?

          • rahul247rocks says:

            Run Reflection on your iPad then right screen show an Airplay name and click OK…if you are still getting error look for any blocked connections in Port 80…for example you can try stopping Skype and Teamviewer (from the services in task manager) and then re run Reflection and try again. It should work.

    • rahul247rocks says:

      Sorry for the late reply. You just need to install the software in your PC. Run it and then the Airtime icon will appear… I have given an image below.

  2. Thanks!!!

  3. I’d never even thought of using the iPad with a computer like this. would be awesome to use it as a peripheral as well.

  4. Niall Mullen says:

    Double press the home button to bring up the recently used apps menu. To the left of row of apps is the airplay icon if you have an airplay device or server running on the same wifi network as the ipad is on.
    Air Port Mirroring is not supported on older iPads and iPhones. You must have iPhone 4S or iPad 2 (and later) with iOS 5 and later. You can also use Airplay to send your screen out to a TV if you have the AppleTV device (newer black puck type)

  5. Thanx ,work perfectly !!!

  6. This is also good.
    Works well, doesn’t require installation or specific config, works behind gateways NAT as well as within one LAN.

  7. it will work also if my PC is connected to the LAN and my IPAD is in Wireless?, but in the same Network..


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