How to save and sync online content on your iPad

Recently Chitika reported that over 90 percent of web based tablet traffic comes from Apple iPads making it the number one device to browse the web. I personally like browsing on my iPad rather than any conventional desktop or laptop because of the simplicity and interactivity with which you can navigate, save images etc. Recently I saw many people saving and syncing some of the best content they find for reading later on their device. Rightfully so, sometimes there is no time especially during the morning rush hours to lay back and finish reading an interesting piece of content that you just discovered. Today I am going to share some apps along with my personalized techniques of saving anything and everything from the web for reading later not just on your iPad but across all your devices including PC’s, Mac’s Android phones, iPhones etc.

Apps you need

Before beginning to explain the process of how save and sync works on your iPad please go ahead and download the following apps on your device. They are all free.

The Workflow

online content syncing ecosystem

Once you finished installing both the above apps on your iPad it’s time to set up and create accounts on both the service. I suggest you use the same email for Evernote as well as Pocket because it’s easy to remember rather than using separate emails for your user accounts. The first time you launch Evernote you will be greeted with a short tutorial of some of the cool features. After you play around with Evernote for a few minutes I am sure you will start getting the hang of it because it’s extremely easy to use even for someone who is not that geeky.
Keep in mind that Evernote is going to be the central hub where you store all your content. You must be thinking why I told you to download Pocket for iPad right? Pocket is going to act as a filtration system. The way in which I manage and organize content is by downloading all interesting articles to Pocket which is nothing more than a read later app. Inside Pocket I add relevant tags to it so that these tags can later be synced with Evernote as well. For Example, a few days ago I was reading an article about Steve Jobs so I added two tags named “inspiration” and “Apple”. When you are starting out with the art of syncing content you might not realize the Importance of tagging but once your inventory starts getting bigger with articles from different and diverse topics the only way to keep things organized is by using tags.

How to Sync Evernote with Pocket

Interestingly Pocket for iPad allows you to sync with Evernote. You can directly export any article directly from Pocket to a specific notebook inside Evernote. To sync these two services follow the steps below.

  1. Open Pocket on our iPad
  2. Go to any article. If you haven’t already added anything please add something because this step is necessary to sync Evernote. There are various ways of adding content on your Pocket account. You can see the complete list here.
  3. Once you open a particular article on the top left tap the share button and select Evernote from the list of items.
  4. Since this is the first time you are syncing you will be prompted to enter your Evernote username and password. You also need to authenticate the service via the API (kinda like Facebook’s allow apps feature). These steps are pretty simple and straightforward.
  5. Once you have successfully connect Pocket to Evernote you can how save any article and also add additional tags, specify the notebook etc.

Send Pocket Articles to Evernote


Things to do inside Evernote

Once you have successfully done all the connections it’s time to add some notebooks for better organizing the content inside Evernote. Apart from tags, all your content can also be categorized and placed under different notebooks. For Example you can have a notebook that says personal stuff and stores all your personal pictures, notes etc. You can also have different notebooks like Tech Articles, Must Read, Featured Articles, Important News and so forth. One common mistake that most newbies fail to do is create their basic set of notebooks before adding stuff to Evernote. In this way you will always stay organized and is less likely to lose track of your stuff. Follow the steps for creating notebooks:

  • Open Evernote on iPad
  • Select New Notebook Icon
  • Select a name and add save it.

Going Beyond the iPad

The best part about using these article syncing services is that you are not only confined to your iPad and can use them on virtually any device be it Android, Macbook or even a PC. The reason why Evernote and Pocket grew massively popular in 2012 is because of easy access wherever there is internet and in the 21st century we are always connected to the World Wide Web. In order to use them from a traditional PC or Macbook you need to download Chrome and use the following extensions

Pocket Extension for Chrome Adds a dedicated pocket icon on the extensions area of the Chrome Browser. Whenever you like an article simply click on it to save it in your pocket reading list. You can later access your reading list and shift some of the articles to Evernote.

Using Pocket extension on Chrome

Evernote Clearly for Chrome Sometimes you might simply add an article directly to Evernote. In such a situation the clearly extension is handy. It extracts the contents of any web based article and allows you to save it to your notebook.

Safari for iOS – Pocket comes with a cool new feature where you can email any webpage to them and they will list the article in your reading list. In order to do this open your Safari browser on any iOS device and tap the sharing button. Email the link to and the rest of the process magically happens behind your scene.

Advantages of the Save Sync Ecosystem

You might be a full time blogger like me or just a simple hobbyist who is interested in a particular topic. The fact of the matter is everyone loves to read and explore new ideas. With our fast paced lifestyle it is important to cherish each and every moment. With these words in mind I think that saving interesting articles via your iPad will not only improve your knowledge but it will stimulate your reading habits and organizing skills. I know that this process might take a little while to get used to but after doing it for 7-8 months now I am starting to create an archive of stuff that I would love to read and share with others.

The beauty of this ecosystem is that nothing is saved in any of your Apple devices, PC’s etc. Your entire collection is stored in the cloud which means that you never run the risk of losing any of the content. I hope you found this tutorial useful because it certainly helped generate new ideas for my blog and personal lifestyle. Knowledge is the key to enlightenment and I hope this process will help you sync everything you wanted right at your fingertips.

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